1. The “Iqaamah” is the call to gather the Jamaah (Congregation) for the Fard Salaah inside the Masjid.
2. The “Mukabbir” is the person who recites the Iqaamah.
3. The Iqaamah must be recited in a voice loud enough for the Jamaah to hear.
4. If you are reading the Fard Salaah alone it is necessary for you to recite the Iqaamah.
5. The words of the Iqaamah is the same as in the Azaan, except that the Mukabbir will read after the “Hayya alal Falah”: “Prayer has indeed begun.” “Prayer has indeed begun.”
6. The Mukabbir must not turn his face during “Hayya alas Salaah” and “Hayya alal Falah.”
7. The Mukabbir must not place his Shahaadah fingers in his ears during the Iqaamah but should stand with his arms at his side.
8. It is also Mustahab to remain sitting when the Iqaamah is being recited and to stand at the point when you hear “Hayya alal Falah.”

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