The Sunnah of Salaah

There are certain actions which are Sunnah in Salaah. If one misses these Sunnahs, then the Thawaab of the Salaah is reduced. What are these Sunnahs?

The Sunnan of Takbeer-e-Tahreema

1. It is Sunnah for the males to lift up their hands to their ears for Takbeer, while the females should lift up their hands to their shoulders.
2. While lifting the hands, the fingers should be kept relaxed with the palms facing towards the Qiblah.
3. The males, after lifting up their hands, should then fold them below their navels with the right hand over the left hand. The females should place their hands on their chest, with the right hand over the left hand.

The Sunnan of Qiyaam

1. Stand with the feet parallel to each other. There must be about a four finger width gap between the feet.
2. The body must be straight with the head lowered and the eyes should be directed to the spot where Sajdah is to be made.

The Sunnan of Qiraah

1. To read the Thana.
2. To read the Ta’oozu or “A’oozubillah.”
3. To read the Tasmiyah or “Bismillah.”
4. To read “Bismillah” at the beginning of every Rakaah.
5. To say “Ameen” at the end of Surah Fatiha.
6. To read the Ta’oozu, Tasmiyah and say the Ameen silently.
7. The first Rakaah should be longer than the second Rakaah.

The Sunnan of Ruku

1. To say the Takbeer, “Allahu Akbar”, when going into Ruku.
2. To read the Tasbeeh of Ruku 3 times.
3. To hold (clutch) the knees firmly. The males should have their fingers spaced out while clutching their knees, while the females should have their fingers closed.
4. The legs should be straight and not bent at the knees.
5. The back should be in line with the neck. This means that it must be straight so that if a glass of water is placed on the back of a person, the water will not spill over.
6. To read the Tasmiyah when waking up from Ruku and to read the Tahmeed while in Qiyaam.

The Sunnan of Sajdah

1. When going into Sajdah make sure that the knees touch the ground first, followed by the hands, the nose and, lastly, the forehead.
2. When waking up from Sajdah, the whole method should be reversed.
3. In Sajdah, the fingers should be closed and facing the Qiblah. The forehead should rest between the hands.
4. To say the Takbeer, “Allahu Akbar”, when going into Sajdah and when waking up from Sajdah.
5. To read the Tasbeeh of Sajdah three times.
6. When in Sajdah, the males should make sure that their stomach does not rest on their thighs and that the arms does not rest flat on the ground.
7. Females should keep their stomach close to their thighs and their arms should be flat on the ground and close to their bodies.
8. All the toes of the feet must touch the ground.

The Sunnan of Qa’dah

1. Males should sit on the left foot by placing it flat on the ground and the right foot should be up with the toes facing the Qiblah.
2.Females should sit on their left rear, placing both their feet out to the right.
3. Place the palms of both hands above the knees.
4. When reading “Attahiyaat”, lift the right Shahaadah finger on reaching the “Laa” of “Ashhadu al laa ilaaha.” Fold the rest of the fingers into a ball and lower the Shahaadah finger on reaching “Illal laahu.”
5. To read the Durood-e-Ebrahim and any Masnoon Du’a after this.

The Sunnan of Salaam

1. The face should be first turned to the right and then to the left when making Salaam.
2. When making Salaam in Jamaah, one should have the intention of greeting the Imaam, the Musallies and the Angels. A person who is reading alone should make the intention of greeting the Angels.

The Mustahabaat (Mustahabs) of Salaah

1. Look at the place where you make Sajdah when in the Qiyaam position.
2. During Ruku you should look at the feet.
3. The eyes should focus on the nose during Sajdah.
4. When in the Qa’dah position the eyes should focus at the knees or the thighs.
5. When making Salaam, the eyes should be focused on the shoulders.
6. One should avoid coughing.
7. One should avoid yawning.

The Makroohaats (Makroohs) of Salaah

1. To scratch the body unnecessarily.
2. Playing with one’s clothes.
3. To close ones eyes through tiredness.
4. To miss out any Sunnah deliberately.
5. To make the second Rakaah longer than the first.
6. To read the Surah in the incorrect sequence, for example, to read Surah An Naas in the first Rakaah and then Surah Al Falaq after.
7. To read Salaah when one is very hungry, or one has to go to toilet or when the food has already been served.

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