Actions which Break the Salaah

There are certain actions which break the Salaah. They are called “Mufsidaat-e-Salaah.” If these actions occur, one will have to re-read the Salaah. What are these actions?

1. To utter any word that is not part of the Salaah.
2. To cry out in pain.
3. If Wudu breaks.
4. When one loses his senses.
5. When a persons chest is intentionally turned away from the Qiblah more than 45 degrees.
6. When one leaves out any Fard.
7. When one reads the Holy Quran incorrectly.
8. When one eats or drinks in Salaah.
9. When one moves about in Salaah in different directions.
10. To step ahead of the Imaam.
11. To laugh or giggle.
12. When the private parts are revealed.
13. When one performs “Fe-le Katheer”. Fe-le Katheer are those actions which will lead the observer to believe that one is not in Salaah, for example, tying one’s belt, removing one’s handkerchief, wiping one’s nose, and so on.
Note: If the hat falls to the floor while Salaah is being performed the person can pick it up and wear it without causing a lot of movement.

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