The Sunnan of Sajdah

1. When going into Sajdah make sure that the knees touch the ground first, followed by the hands, the nose and, lastly, the forehead.
2. When waking up from Sajdah, the whole method should be reversed.
3. In Sajdah, the fingers should be closed and facing the Qiblah. The forehead should rest between the hands.
4. To say the Takbeer, “Allahu Akbar”, when going into Sajdah and when waking up from Sajdah.
5. To read the Tasbeeh of Sajdah three times.
6. When in Sajdah, the males should make sure that their stomach does not rest on their thighs and that the arms does not rest flat on the ground.
7. Females should keep their stomach close to their thighs and their arms should be flat on the ground and close to their bodies.
8. All the toes of the feet must touch the ground.

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