The Benefits of Salaah

The Holy Quran says: “Establish Salaah to remember Me (Allah).” (20:14)

Before we explain how Salaah should be read, we will list some of the benefits of Salaah to help you gain a better understanding of this very important form of Ibaadah.

1. Salaah with Jamaah increases Muslim Brotherhood.
2. Salaah makes us remember that Almighty Allah Sees and Hears us.
3. Salaah builds love for Almighty Allah and for His special servants, the Ambiya (Prophets) and Awliya (Saints).
4. Salaah destroys the evil within us.
5. Salaah acts like a light and leads us away from darkness and trouble.
6. Salaah teaches us discipline.
7. Salaah builds “Taqwa” or “Piety” in us.
8. Just as food maintains our body, Salaah maintain our Soul (Ruh).

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