The Waajibaat (Wajib) of Salaah

Waajibs are those actions which are compulsory. In Salaah there are certain Waajib actions that, if when left out, can be corrected through Sajdah Sahw. The Waajibaat of Salaah are:

1. To read Surah Fatiha in every Rakaah.
2. To read one short Surah, or to read one long Ayah or to read 3 short Ayah after the Surah Fatiha in the first 2 Rakaah of the Fard Salaah and in all the Rakaah of other Salaah (non-Fard Salaah).
3. To read the Salaah in the correct sequence.
4. To stand erect after Ruku (Qiyaam) before going for Sajdah.
5. To sit in Jalsa position between the two Sujood (Sajdas).
6. To sit in Qadah ‘Ula after 2 Rakaah when you are reading a 4 or 3 Rakaah Salaah.
7. To read Attahiyaat in Qadah ‘Ula and Qadah Akheerah.
8. To read Salaah without rushing.
9. To read Du’a Qunoot in the Witr Salaah of Isha.
10. The Imaam should read aloud during:
10.1The first 2 Rakaah of the Fard of Fajar, Maghrib and Isha Salaah.
10.2 The two Rakaah of the Jummah and Eid Salaah.
10.3 The Taraweeh and Witr Salaah during the Month of Ramadaan.
11. The Imaam should read silently in:
11.1 All the Rakaah of the Zohar and Asar Salaah.
11.2 The third Rakaah of the Maghrib Salaah.
11.3 The third and fourth Rakaah of the Isha Salaah.
12. To read 6 extra Takbeers in both the Eid Salaah.
13. To end the Salaah with the words of Salaam.
14. Among the Waajibaats of Sajdah, it is compulsory that at least 3 toes must touch the ground facing the Qiblah.

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