“Sajdah Sahw” are the 2 Sajdah that are performed at the end of the Salaah to correct a mistake made during Salaah.

When does Sajdah Sahw become Waajib?

Sajdah Sahw becomes Waajib in the following instances:
1. When a person leaves out a Waajib.
2. When a person changes the sequence of a Waajib or Fard action.
3. When a person delays a Waajib or Fard act for the period that it takes to read “Subhan Allah” 3 times.
4. When a person performs the Waajib or Fard act more than the required times, for example, when a person reads the Attahiyaat twice.
5. When a person changes the nature of a Waajib act, for example, to read aloud during the Fard Salaah of Asar and Zohar.

Other Rules Relating to Sajdah Sahw

1. In the case where Salaah is being performed with Jamaah and the Imaam makes a mistake requiring him to make Sajdah Sahw, then the Jamaah will have to follow the Imaam in Sajdah Sahw.
2. If a Muqtadi makes a mistake behind the Imaam, then no Sajdah Sahw is to be performed.
3. Sajdah Sahw is only made once, even though more than one mistake may have been made in that Salaah.

How to make Sajdah Sahw

After having read the Attahiyaat in the last Rakaah, make Salaam to the right only and then perform the 2 Sajdah. After this, read the Attahiyaat, the Durood-e-Ebrahim, the Dua and complete the Salaah with the Salaams.

2 Responses to “SAJDAH SAHW”

  1. Mrs. Abdullah Sheikh Says:

    Assalaamu alaikum

    I read your posting on “Sajdah Sahw” and wanted to add something important which I found missing – the dua for Sajdah Sahw. On prostrating, after the usual dua in sajdah, one should recite the following dua – Subhaanalladi laa yanaamu walaa yas’hu ( Translation : Glory to The One (Allah) who never slumbers nor forgets) in the two prostrations.
    This is a good website. May Allah bless you for your efforts.

    Assalaamu Alaikum

  2. riyaz Says:

    a beautiful knowledgeful site.keep it up.

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