The Benefits of Saum

1.Saum or Fasting is a great Blessing given to us by Almighty Allah(Azzawajal).
2. Saum is the fourth pillar of Islam.
3. Saum helps us not only to keep away from food and drink but also helps us to develop the qualities of self-control. This is one of the main objectives of Fasting.
4. By being “hungry” throughout the entire day, we are able to understand the plight of the poor and hungry and be more sympathetic towards them.
5. Saum helps build in us “Taqwa” or piety, a quality that makes us have Fear for Almighty Allah(Azzawajal).
6. When we Fast we avoid speaking lies, speaking bad about others, laughing at others, keeping bad intentions and thoughts in our hearts, avoid being miserly, and keeps us in check with all the bad elements of our character.
7. The Month of Ramadaan is a spiritual training ground for the Muslim community.
8. Fasting helps us to build up a good character so that Almighty Allah is pleased with us and will reward us.
9. Fasting also has numerous medical benefits.
10. During the Blessed Month of Ramadaan, a Muslim has the chance of seeking Almighty Allah’s great Mercy in the special night of “Laylatul Qadr” or the Night of Power.
11. The Taraweeh Salaah, which is performed after the Isha Salaah, helps to increases Islamic Brotherhood and the sense of true Ibaadah.

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