1. To calculate Zakaah on jewelry, etc. one must first determine the gold or silver content and then calculate the Zakaah according to current market price.
2. If the Gold possessed is less than 87.48 grams or if silver possessed is less then 612.36 grams, but the value of both combined is equal to or exceeds the Nisaab of either Gold or Silver, the Zakaah will be due.
3. In the event of an article not being of pure gold or pure silver, but containing a mixture of other metals and the gold or silver content is more than the other metal, it will be regarded as gold or silver and Zakaah will be due. But in the case where other metal/s is of greater quantity than either gold or silver, Zakaah will not be due on this article.
4. For stocks (shares held in a company), Zakaah is calculated based upon the current market value. As machinery, land, fixtures and fittings, furniture, buildings etc. are exempt from Zakaah, one is allowed to subtract these from the total asset. This could be obtained from annual reports. For example, if one has shares worth R1000 and machinery, land etc., are worth 5% of the total asset, then deduct R50 for these assets, afterwards deduct the liabilities of the company proportionately to the percentage of shares held. Zakaah must be calculated on the balance.


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