1. Zakaah should be given as soon as possible after it becomes due.
2. All of the Zakaah can be given to one person or to several persons.
3. A poor man cannot be paid for his work from Zakaah nor can Zakaah be given in payment of services, except to the people appointed by the Islamic government to collect Zakaah.
4. Zakaah will only be valid if the recipient is made the owner of that amount. If, for example, a few needy persons are fed a meal from Zakaah money, then Zakaah will not be fulfilled as they were not made owners of the food.
5. Zakaah cannot be given for the construction of Masjid, Madrasah, Hospital, a well, a bridge or any other public amenity.
6. Zakaah can be paid in kind from the same merchandise on which it is due, or alternatively, it could be paid in cash.

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