0 Muslims! 0 Muslims! Think of your faith, your religion, your Allah Almighty before whom you have to appear on the Day of the Judgement and consider how careful I have been in respect of calling any Muslim as a disbeliever despite recording numerous reasons for doing so. It is quite shameless, cruel and impious of the insolent people to bring against me the false charge of declaring other people as disbelievers too quickly. Certainly, they have invented a lie. Prophet Muhammad صلى اله عليه وسلم says, and whatever he says is right:

“When you have no sense of shame, do what ever you want.”

(Tamheed Ul Iman by Ala Hazrat radi allahu anhu)


0 Muslims you have before you these crystal clear and powerful statements. Some of these were printed 10 years ago and written 19 years ago. (These insolent people have been declared as disbelievers since 1320 A.H. the year of the publication of Al-Mutamad-ul-Mustanad; say for the last 6 years). Read these statements very carefully and do justice while fearing Allah and His Prophet صلى اله عليه وسلم . These statements not only refute the charge of these inventors of lies but they also prove that a cautious Muslim scholar has not called these insolent people as disbelievers unless their disbelief became more apparent than the sun and there remained absolutely no chance of Islamic explanation of their disbelief.

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