0 Muslims you have before you these crystal clear and powerful statements. Some of these were printed 10 years ago and written 19 years ago. (These insolent people have been declared as disbelievers since 1320 A.H. the year of the publication of Al-Mutamad-ul-Mustanad; say for the last 6 years). Read these statements very carefully and do justice while fearing Allah and His Prophet صلى اله عليه وسلم . These statements not only refute the charge of these inventors of lies but they also prove that a cautious Muslim scholar has not called these insolent people as disbelievers unless their disbelief became more apparent than the sun and there remained absolutely no chance of Islamic explanation of their disbelief.

This servant of Allah, is after all the same man, who listed about 70 charges of disbelief with proof against each prominent insolent person, and yet did not call him a disbeliever. He gave them the benefit of the doubt in the light of Prophet Muhammad صلى اله عليه وسلم ‘s command that a Muslim should not be labelled as a disbeliever unless his disbelief becomes more apparent than the sun and there remains no chance of his continuing to stay with in the fold of Islam.This servant of Allah is the same man, who gave 78 reasons justifying their disbelief and yet expressed his unwillingness to call them disbelievers because (at that stage) he did not know the exact insulting words which they had used against Allah and His Prophet صلى اله عليه وسلم . He had no anger against them, he had no joint property with them, which may have given rise to the present disagreement. The relationship amongst the Muslims depends upon loving or hating Allah and His Prophet صلى اله عليه وسلم . As long as these insolent people had not used insulting words or this servant of Allah had not seen or heard these insulting words against Allah and His Prophet صلى اله عليه وسلم he used to respect their lip-service to Islam. He used utmost care and did not join those scholars who argued that these insolent people deserved to be called disbelievers. But this servant of Allah joined those scholars who insisted that one should use great care in calling a Muslim as a disbeliever.

But when he saw with his own eyes insulting words used against Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad صلى اله عليه وسلم and he became convinced that these insolent people have failed to observe the essential principles of Islam. He then had no choice but to declare these insolent people as disbelievers. You have already heard the opinions of the leading Imams that a person who doubts the sin or disbelief of such insolent people will become a disbeliever himself. It was necessary to save my own faith and the faith of my Muslim brothers and the Islamic community. Hence a declaration of disbelief was given and published.
“He who has doubt in his punishment and him being a Kafir is himself committing Kufr”.


“Say: Truth has come and falsehood has vanished away. Lo! Falsehood is ever bound to vanish.”

And He Says:

“There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is hence forth distinct from error.”
(SURAH II: 256)

There are four main points involved:

1. The written and printed statements of these insolent people were definitely insulting to Allah Almighty and His Prophet Muhammad صلى اله عليه وسلم

2. Anybody who insults Allah Almighty and His Prophet Muhammad صلى اله عليه وسلم is definitely a disbeliever

3. Any person who would not call them disbelievers or would maintain friendship with them or would take into consideration their positions as teachers or relatives or friends will also definitely become one of them. He is a disbeliever like them. On the day of judgement he will also be tied with them in the same rope.

4. Whatever lame excuses and fraudulent arguments they give here are invalid and false.

(Tamheed Ul Iman by Ala Hazrat radi allahu anhu)

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