These insolent people quote this verse:
“Who debar men from the Way of Allah and have it crooked”

And try to instigate the Muslim public by blaming the scholars of Ahl-e-Sunnat for condemning many Muslims as disbelievers. Their allegation is that they have a machine which point the verdicts of disbelief. Ismail Dehlvi has been called a disbeliever Molvi Ishaq has been called or Molvi Abdul Hay has been called a disbeliever. More brazen-faced people go so far as to say that (May Allah forgive us for quoting) that Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz has been called a disbeliever. Shah Waliallah has been called. Hajj Imdad Ullah has been called a disbeliever. The absolutely shame-less go beyond this and say (May Allah forgive) Hazrat Shaikh Mujaddid Alif Thani radi allahu anhu has been called a disbeliever. In short, they mention the name of that person who is held in high esteem by the person they talk to. So much so that one of these insolent people went to Maulana Shah Muhammad Hussain Allahabadi (May Allah bless his soul) and wrongly alleged that His Holiness Hazrat Syedina Shaikh-e-Akbar Mohyuddin bin Arabi has been called a disbeliever. May Allah grant a place in Heaven to the Maulana in the highest Heaven!

He acted upon the Quranic verse:
O ye who believe, if an evil doer brings you tiding,verify it.

He wrote a letter to ascertain the truth. In reply a treatise named Anja-al-Deri Un Waswaas-ul-Muftri was written and sent. On receipt of this treatise the Maulana sent a letter of condemnation to the liar. These insolent people always tell lies, and the answer is the same which,

Only they invent falsehood who believe not And Allah Says And  (Solemnly)invoke the curse of Allah upon those who lie

(Tamheed Ul Iman by Ala Hazrat radi allahu anhu)

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