No further discussion is necessary But by the grace of Allah we are going to produce such a proof of their lies, that the facts will shine like broad daylight. This proof shows them as inventors of lies more brightly than the sun. This proof is by the grace of Allah written, printed and many years old. Of all the people who have been alleged to have been called disbelievers by the scholars of Ahl-e-Sunnat the one who comes closest to disbelief is Ismail Dehlvi. There is no doubt the scholars of Ahl-e-Sunnat have found many statements of disbelief in his writings They have given proof and published their findings. In spite of this, see Subhan-us- Subboon-un-Abid Kizb-e-Maqbooh, first edition which was printed in 1309 A H in Anwar-E-Muhammadi Press, Lucknow, By giving convincing arguments it proves that Ismail Dehivi deserves to be declared as a disbeliever on 75 counts and yet it has been written on page 90 that in the interest of care and caution the scholars should not call him a disbeliever. It is a careful and a fair judgement. “That is to say: this is the answer, this is the basis of the verdict; this is our religion; and this is the source of our confidence, safety and solidarity.”

Secondly, see AI-Kaukab-tush-Shahabia Fee Kufriyat-e-Abil Wahabia, which was written to refute particularly Ismail Dehlvi and his followers. It was printed for the first time in Shaban, 1316 A.H. from Tuhfah-e-Hanafia Press, Azimabad. In this booklet relevant verses of the Quran, agreed traditions of the Prophet صلى اله عليه وسلم and brilliant clarifications of the Imams were quoted with the names of the authentic books and their page numbers. It was proved by giving 70 or more reasons that this insolent man had exposed himself to the charge of being a disbeliever. To conclude the discussion it was written on page 62 that in our opinion the most appropriate course of judicial action was to withhold our tongue from calling him as a disbeliever. Allah Almighty alone knows the truth!

Thirdly. see Sal-as-Sayoof-Hindiyah Alaa Kufriyat-e-Babun Najdiyah, which was printed in Safar. 1316 A.H. at Azimabad. In this booklet also strong reasons were given and it was proved that Ismail Dehlvi and his followers were liable to be called disbelievers on account Of their anti-Islamic statements. It was written on pages 21 and 22, that it being a matter Of verdict relating to disbelief it was very necessary to exercise maximum care and caution. Our scholars are praiseworthy because they heard insulting charges against true Muslims from the spiritual’ guide of these insolent people, and yet they neither became revengeful nor gave up the principle of exercising patience and care in giving a fair judgement. They are still investigating the difference between exposure to disbelief and the actual commission of disbe!ief. They took into consideration the fact that it is one thing that the statements made by a person may reflect disbelief but it is quite another thing to regard that person as a disbeliever. The attitude is to remain careful and silent. to exercise patience and to fear Allah in issuing a verdict of disbelief if they can find even the weakest evidence to the contrary.

Fourthly. see Izaala-tul-Aar Bay Hijril Karayim un Kalab-un-Naar, which was printed for the first time in 1317 A.H. at Azimabad. In this booklet we wrote on page 10 that in this matter we have adopted the policy of our learned Ahl-e-Sunnat scholars, who insist that no Muslim should be called a disbeliever, if he does not deny some essential principle of the Muslim faith.

Fifthly, let us leave Ismail Dehlvi aside. These Insolent people about whom a verdict of disbelief has been given now were under investigation for a long time. When I had not seen their clear insulting words against Allah and His Prophet صلى اله عليه وسلم , I looked-upon them as accused of being liars. After recording 78 reasons for their exposure to disbelief I wrote on page 80 of Subbhaan-us-Subbooh that I did not want to label them as is believers. Even today the modern followers of these Insolent people are regarded by me as Muslims although I have no doubt about their derogatory and negative attitudes. I do not consider even Ismail Dehlvi the leader of this group as a disbeliever because our Prophet Muhammad صلى اله عليه وسلم has forbidden us to label any Muslim as a disbeliever, unless the reason of his disbelief becomes more apparent than the sun and there remains absolutely no possibility of his continuing to stay with in the fold of Islam. “lslam will dominate but it will not be dominated’

(Tamheed Ul Iman by Ala Hazrat radi allahu anhu)

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