Huzur Taj-ush-Shariah Shaykh al-Islam Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Rida Khan al-Qadri al-Azhari

Hudur Tajush Shari’ah’s
Journey to al-Sham (Syria)

[22nd-26th August 2008]

The august and esteemed personality of the Islamic world, the heir of the knowledge of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, Tajush Shari’ah, Shaykh al-Islam Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Rida Khan al-Qadri al-Azhari arrived in Syria on Friday the 22nd of August 2008.

Syria being the centre of the supplications from the Beloved Messenger, has been, is still, and shall still remain a place where the anwaar and barakaat continuously emanate from.

Syria has also received the supplications of the beloved Messenger of Allah:

“Blessings to al-Shâm, blessings to al-Shâm, blessings to al-Shâm!” (yâ tûbâ li al-Shâm). They asked why and he replied: “Because the wings of the angels of the Merciful are lowered over it.”

Narrated from Zayd ibn Thabit al-Ansari by al-Tirmidhi in his Sunan (hasan gharîb) with a fair chain because of Yahya ibn Ayyub al-Ghafiqi who is merely “truthful” (sadûq) as in al-Arna’ut and Ma`ruf’s al-Tahrir (4:78 #7511); Ahmad with two chains, one of which is sound according to Ibn al-Qayyim in his commentary on Abu Dawud’s Sunan (7:115), the other is a fair chain because of `Abd Allah ibn Lahi`a; al-Hakim (2:229; 1990 ed. 2:249) who said it is sahîh and al-Dhahabi concurred; al-Bayhaqi in the Shu`ab (2:432); Ibn Abi Shayba (4:218, 6:409); Ibn Hibban (16:293) with a sound chain meeting Muslim’s criterion according to Shaykh Shu`ayb al-Arna’ut; and al-Tabarani in al-Kabir (5:158 #4935) with a sound chain according to al-Haythami (10:60) and al-Mundhiri in al-Targhib (1997 ed. 4:30).

[Above Hadith-references are taken from Merits of al-Sham al-Sharif;– Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad]

According to Syrian local time, Huzur Tajush Shari’ah arrived at the Syrian international airport at approximately 9:30 a.m. exiting through the specific gates with his august personality accompanied with a few of his devotees. He was welcomed warmly by many well-wishers of the Shaykh who has arrived at the airport.

From the airport, Huzur Tajush Shari’ah was then taken to the Wulat al-Umara on Shari’ at-Tayran, where the Shaykh stayed for 4 days.

On the first day, in honour of the ‘Ulema and Mashaikh of Syria, there was a feast held in which many great ‘Ulema and Mashaikh were invited. There was such a great number of ‘Ulema on this occasion, that such a high number of ‘Ulema being gathered in one congregation is hardly found in anywhere in Damascus.

The great scholars who attended were:

· The renowned personality of Syria, Shaykh Hisham ad-Din al-Burhani

·        Shaykh ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Kharsa
·        The Grand-Mufti of Damascus Shaykh ‘Abd al-Fattah Bazam
·        The head of Ma’had at-Tahzeeb and the ‘Orator of Damascus’ al-Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Khatib al-Hasani
·        A member of the National Assembly and the head of the Dept of Speciality at Ma’had Abun Noor Dr. ‘Abd al-Salam al-Rajih
·        The head of the Masters dept. at Abun Noor Dr. Sulaiman Wahbi
·        And many others.

The gathering was commenced with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an, after which poems were sung in praise of the Beloved Messenger.

Despite his ill health, Huzur Tajush Shari’ah delivered an extraordinary speech in eloquent Arabic, by which all the ‘Ulema were moved and touched.

Upon the request of the ‘Ulema, Hudur Tajush Shari’ah recited in his own voice, his Qasida in Arabic, whose first lyrics are: Allah Allah Allah Hu Ma li Rabbun Illa Hu, in a very beautiful and heart-enlightening manner, by which the whole atmosphere was enlightened.

There was hardly anyone from the ‘Ulema who was not moved by this Qasida and who did not join in reciting it joyfully

When Hudur Tajush Shari’ah read the last verse: Hadha Akhtaru Adnakum Rabbi Ahsana Mathwa-hu, immediately, Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz al-Khatib al-Hasani stated profoundly: Akhtaru Sayyiduna wabnu Sayyidina – ‘Shaykh Akhtar is our master and the son of our master!’

I (Muhammad Kalim) narrate from the Khalifa of Huzur Tajush Shari’ah and the author of this account, Hadrat Mufti Thaqib Akhtar al-Qadri who wrote the following in a reply to an email which I had sent asking with regards to the Shaykh’s visit to Syria:

Huzoor Tajush Shari’ah 22 August ko tashreef laye the. Aap jante hain ke Syria me Garmiyon me Barish nahi hoti, aur khususan August me mawsam kafee sakht hota he. Hazrat sa Ulema ne du’a ki guzarish ki. Juma ke din wala program me Hazrat ne dua farmai or Hafte ka din se barish shuru ho gayi, Halanke Taqreeban 5 Saal se Garmion me barish nahe huwi thi or garmion ma barish vese bhi nadir hoti he. Do Teen din vaqtan fa vaqtan barish hoti rahi jis sa wahan ka mosam tabdeel ho gaya. Ye khud mera or sare Damishq ka mushahada ha or aap awwal Rawi…

“Huzur Tajush Shari’ah came on the 22nd of August. As you are well aware, due to the intensity of the heat in the summer months it never rains. Especially in August, the weather is extremely hot. The ‘Ulema of Damascus requested Hudur Tajush Shari’ah to supplicate for rain. Huzur Tajush Shari’ah made a du’a in the gathering (food feast) that was held in honour of the Ulema and Mashaikh of Syria. Immediately, it started to rain the following day – Saturday 23rd August 2008, despite the fact that since 5 years it had never rained due to the extremely hot weather, and for it to rain in summer is even rarer. It rained frequently for 3 days by which the climate had changed. This is what I and the whole of Damascus witnessed and you are its first reporter!”

On Saturday the 23rd of August, there was a public gathering held upon the request of the ‘Ulema in which everyone could individually meet Huzur Tajush Shari’ah. Again, on this day, many ‘Ulema came to visit the Shaykh. Amongst them were:

·        A renowned Hanafi scholar, who has many of his super commentaries on many books – Shaykh ‘Abd al-Jalil ‘Ata
·        A renowned descendant from the Family of the Messenger of Allah, and a renowned teacher of the Sacred Knowledge, Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq Derwish

The scholars also sought Hudur Tajush Shari’ah’s verdict on many issues, whereas some others sought Sanad al-Ijazah in Hadith-narration from the Shaykh.

Shaykh ‘Abd al-Jalil ‘Ata also presented and read a poem which he had compiled in praise of Hudur Tajush Shari’ah.

On Sunday the 24th of August, a gathering was held in honour of Huzur Tajush Shari’ah by the son of the ex-Mufti of Syria and the head of the Ma’had Abun Noor Shaykh Salah ad-Din Kuftaro, and the committee and the ‘Ulema of Jami’ Abun Noor.

Hudur Tajush Shari’ah delivered a very concise lecture on the topic of Tasawwuf, Sacred Knowledge, and the pristine teachings of the Ahlus Sunnah and its truth.

Afterwards, upon the request of the ‘Ulema, Hudur Tajush Shari’ah also recited his Qasida in Arabic, stating points of tasawwuf in the midst of this.

Two renowned mudarrisin from the famous Madrasah in Aleppo (Syria) – al-Kiltawiyyah, and representatives of Shaykh Mahmud al-Hut, also attended this gathering and met the Shaykh.

After the gathering terminated, Hudur Tajush Shari’ah paid visit to the blessed mausoleums of the Knower of Allah, al-Shaykh ‘Abd al-Ghani al-Nablusi and also to the blessed mausoleum of the King of the world of Tasawwuf, al-Shaykh al-Akbar Shaykh Muhyi’d Din ibn-e-‘Arabi, which are also centre points which many visit for blessings.

On this very day, a great scholar renowned in the field of Kalam and a scholar who has written many commentaries on different books, Shaykh ‘Abd al-Salam ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Shannar became a disciple of the Shaykh and entered into the silsilah – Spiritual Path – of Hudur Tajush Shari’ah.

Thereafter, Hadrat Tajush Shari’ah also blessed him with khilafah.

On that very day, after the Isha Salaah, a special gathering was conducted specially for the students of the Sacred Knowledge who were residing the studying in Syria. The students gained much benefit from the presence of the Shaykh, as the Shaykh would answer their questions and solve their queries and problems. Many students also swore the oath of allegiance at the blessed hands of the Shaykh and entered into the silsilah.

Because the 25th of August was the final day of Hudur Tajush Shari’ah’s stay in Syria, it was a very busy day and the schedule was full too. After the ‘Asr Salaah, a gathering in honour of the Shaykh was held by the Mufti of Damascus in Jami’ Tariq ibn Ziyad (Rukn ad-Din, Damascus), in which many ‘Ulema were given the sanad al-Ijazah in Hadith from the Shaykh, upon their request. Amongst those fortunate to receive sanad al-Ijazah were:

·        Al-Shaykh ‘Adnan Derwish
·        Al-Shaykh Mu’tasim al-Bazm
·        Al-Shaykh Wa’il al-Bazm

There was a constant influx of people visiting Hudur Tajush Shari’ah on this day, being it the final day of stay for the Shaykh. From amongst the scholars, Shaykh ‘Abd al-Hadi al-Kharsa and Shaykh Hasan al-Badinjki were also present. The latter, is a renowned Spiritual Leader of Aleppo and also the head of a religious institution there. Two renowned scholars of ‘Iraq – Shaykh Qutaibah al-Sa’di and Shaykh Marwan ‘Ali Anwar – were also blessed to visit the Shaykh on this day.

On this day, the renowned Spiritual Guide and Mentor, the descendant of the Messenger of Allah, the descendant of Imam Musa al-Kazim, Shaykh al-Sabah blessed the gathering with his presence. He stated:

“A few days before, I passed from nearby this place and I saw that there were anwaar that were emanating from it; I understood that there must certainly be a Wali of Allah residing here. After having enquired, I was informed that the Shaykh [Huzur Tajush Shari’ah] has arrived in Syria and residing in the same place. Thus, I have come to meet this great Shaykh.”

Mere Pir-O-Murshid Huzur Taj ush Shari’ah

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  3. Sheikh Rafiq Raza Qadri Attari....Newa pulwama kashmir Says:

    asalamu alykum mere pyare islami bayeyo…hath baand kar chalo aur jagde mat karo….i don’t hav words for those who had devoted their lives to Allah’s will…may Allah reward them with the wounderful n unreachable gifts.of deen o dunya….ho sake to hame duwawo mai yaad rakhye…jo be is page mai visit kare plz mere haq mai acchi dua kare….Allah hafiz

  4. Sheikh Rafiq Raza Qadri Attari....Newa pulwama kashmir Says:

    ae shahenshah-e-madina, assalat-o-wassalam
    zeenat-e arsh-e mu’alla, assalat-o-wassalam

    rabbi-habli-ummati kehte huway paida huay
    rab ne farmaya ke bakhsha assalat-o-wassalam

    ae shahenshah-e-madina, assalat-o-wassalam,
    zeenat-e-arsh-e mu’alla, assalat-o-wassalam

    Bhoot shikan aaya yeh kehkar, sar ke bal bhoot gir padhe,
    Jhoom kar khehta tha kaaba, assalat-o-wassalam

    ae shahenshah-e-madina, assalat-o-wassalam,
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    sar jhuka kar ba adab ishq-e rasoolallah may,
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    zeenat-e-arshe-e mu’alla, assalat-o-wassalam

    mu’mino padhthay raho tum apnay aqa par durood
    he farishto ka wazifa, assalat-o-wassalam

    ae shahenshah-e-madina, assalat-o-wassalam,
    zeenat-e-arshe mu’alla, assalat-o-wassalam

    mein woh sunni hu jamil-e qadri marnay ke ba’d
    mayra laasha bhi kahe ga assalat-o-wassalam

    ae shahenshah-e-madina assalat-o-wassalam
    zeenat-e-arshe mu’allah, assalat-o-wassalam

    jab firishtay qabr mein jalwa dhikha-e aap ka
    ho zabban par pyaare aqa, assalat-o-wassalam,

    ae shahenshah-e-madina, assalat-o-wassalam,
    zeenat-e-arsh-e mu’allah, assalat-o-was

  5. Sheikh Rafiq Raza Qadri Attari....Newa pulwama kashmir Says:

    Asalamu alykum dear muslim brothers n sisters Plzzzzz don’t disintegrate in catagories,I am totally amazed n overwhelmed y today everyone’s sight is towards muslims,muslim institutions n mosques on behalf of terrorism…to be straightforward actually due to certain muslims all muslims r disreputable…..if muslims ii join n integrate themselves dat is d disintegration of western nations…Today it’s now fashionable to grasp muslim laymans n send them behind jails…If muslims can’t join hands then time is near d muslim yonger generation ll be unable to come out of their homes…Coming to true religion Islam,wher ever u search,u will be unable to find a single verse both in authentic hidith n Quran supportg d terrorism…..Islam is d religion of peace n eternity not of terrorism.Accordg to Qur’anic teachg, service of Allah can’t be separated from service to humankind, or–in Islamic terms–believers in Allah must honor both “Haquq Allah” (rights of Allah) n”Haquq al ibad(rights of creature)…

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