Ahmad ibn Khazruya al-Balkhi Radi Allahu anhu

Abu Hamid Ahmad ibn Khazruya al-Balkhi Radi Allahu anhu, a prominent citizen of Balkh married to the pious daughter of the governor of that city, associated with Hatem al-Asamm Radi Allahu anhu and Abu Yazid al- Bestami Radi Allahu anhu. He visited Nishapur, and died in 240 (864) at the age of 95.

Anecdotes of Ahmad-e Khazruya Radi Allahu anhu

A thief broke into Ahmad-e Khazruya Radi Allahu anhu’s house. He searched everywhere but could not find anything. He was about to leave disappointed when Ahmad Radi Allahu anhu called out to him.

“Young fellow, take the bucket and draw water from the well and purify yourself, then attend to your prayers. When something comes I will give it to you, so that you shall not leave my house empty-handed.”

The youth did as Ahmad Radi Allahu anhu bade him. When daylight returned, a gentleman brought a hundred dinars and gave them to the shaikh.

“Take this as a reward for your night of prayer,” he said to the thief.

The thief suddenly trembled all over. He burst into tears.

“I had mistaken the road,” he cried. “I worked for ALLAH Azzawajal just one night, and He has favoured me so.”

Repenting, he returned to ALLAH Azzawajal. He refused to take the gold, and became one of Ahmad Radi Allahu anhu’s disciples.

Tadhkirat al-Auliya’
(Memorial of the Saints)
by Farid al-Din Attar

One Response to “Ahmad ibn Khazruya al-Balkhi Radi Allahu anhu”

  1. Liyana Abdul Aziz Says:

    Beautiful story. I hope I can get a son to bear his name

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