Sufi Sayings By Its Masters


Sufism is defined as “truth without form,” and the Sufi aspires to become “featureless and formless,” to be so lost in God that only He remains. But there are certain qualities that belong to these travellers on the path of love.

The Sufis are folk who have preferred God to everything,
so that God has preferred them to everything. DHÛ-L-NÛN

The Sufi is he who aims, from at first, at reaching God,
the Creative Truth. Until he has found what he seeks, he
takes no rest, nor does he give heed to any person. For
Thy sake I haste over land and water; over the plain I pass
and the mountain I cleave and from everything I turn my
face, until the time when I reach that place where I am
alone with Thee.  AL-HALLÂJ

To be a Sufi is to give up all worries and there is no
worse worry than yourself. When you are occupied with
self you are separated from God. The way to God is but
one step: the step out of yourself.  ABÛ SA‘ÎD IBN ABÎ-L-KHAYR

The Sufi is absent from himself and present with God. HUJWÎRÎ

A Sufi is a day that needs no sun, a night that needs no
moon or star, and a non-being that needs no being. ABÛ’L-HASAN ‘ALI AL-KHARAQÂNÎ

Sufism means that God causes you to die to yourself and
gives you life in Him. AL-JUNAYD

The Sufi is separated from mankind and united with
God, as God has said, “And I chose thee for Myself,”
that is, He separated him from all others. AL-SHÎBLÎ

To be a Sufi means to abide continuously with God and
to be at peace with men. AL-GHAZZÂLÎ

The Sufi is pleased with all that God does in order that
God may be pleased with all that he does.  ABÛ SA‘ÎD IBN ABÎ-L-KHAYR

Sufism is that the servant acts according to whatever is
most fitting to the moment. ‘AMR IBN ‘UTHMÂN AL-MAKKÎ

When al-Junayd was asked about the mystic, he replied,
“The color of water is the color of its container. That is, the
nature of the mystic is always determined by the nature of
his state at a given moment.” AL-JUNAYD

One of the attributes of the saint1 is that he has no fear,
for fear is anticipating some disagreeable event that might
come or expecting that something beloved might pass away
in the future. The saint is concerned only with the present
moment. He has no future to fear. TRADITIONAL

The Sufi is like the earth, on which every foul thing is
thrown and from which fair things come forth. AL-JUNAYD

A man will not be a mystic until he is like the earth—
both the righteous and the sinner tread upon it—and until
he is like the clouds—they shade all things—and until he
is like the rain—it waters all things, whether it loves them

When Abû Sa‘îd ibn Abî-l-Khayr was asked what Sufism
entailed he replied: “Whatever you have in your mind—
forget it; whatever you have in your hand—give it; whatever
is to be your fate—face it!”  ABÛ SA‘ÎD IBN ABÎ-L-KHAYR

The Sufi is he to whom nothing is attached, and who
does not become attached to anything. NÛRÎ

Be in this world as if you are a traveller, a passer-by,
with your clothes and shoes full of dust. Sometimes you
sit under the shade of a tree, sometimes you walk in the
desert. Be always a passer-by, for this is not home. HADÎTH

“Dervishes” 2 is a term which refers to holy poverty: “the poor man is not he whose hand is empty of provisions, buthe whose nature is empty of desires.” HUJWÎRÎ

A dervish wearing a sackcloth coat and woolen cap once
came to meet Master Abû ‘Alî. One of Abû ‘Alî’s disciples
tried to humor him, saying, “How much did you purchase
that sackcloth for?”
The dervish answered, “I purchased it for the sum of the
world. I was offered the hereafter in exchange, but refused
to trade.”  ABÛ ‘ALÎ AD-DAQQÂQ

Sufism means that you possess nothing and nothing
possesses you. SUMNÛN

Only the bondsmen are free! HÂFIZ

The Sufi is he that keeps a pure heart towards God.  BISHR IBN AL-HÂRITH AL-HÂFÎ

You are a Sufi when your heart is as soft and as warm

Sufism is staying at the lover’s door even when you are
driven away. RÛDHBÂRÎ

Dervishes are a brotherhood of migrants who keep
watch on the world and for the world.  ANONYMOUS

Four thousand years before God created these bodies,
He created the souls and kept them beside Himself and
shed a light upon them. He knew what quantity each soul
received and He showed favor to each in proportion to its
illumination. The souls remained all that time in light, until
they became fully nourished. Those who in this world live
in joy and agreement with one another must have been
akin to one another in that place. Here they love one
another and are called the friends of God, and they are
brothers who love one another for God’s sake. These
souls know one another by smell, like horses. ABÛ SA‘ÎD IBN ABÎ-L-KHAYR

If you keep the company of the truthful, be truthful with
them, for they are spies of the hearts. They come into your
hearts and leave without your becoming aware. AHMAD B. ‘ASIM AL-ANTÂKÎ

God speaks out of the innermost being of the mystic
while he is silent.  AL-JUNAYD

Sufism is not preached, and it is even taught in some
cases by example and guidance which may be unknown
to the learner’s ordinary faculties. ANONYMOUS

The Sufi bows down before none but God. TRADITIONAL

There was a king, who, one day, entering his royal court,
observed one person who among all those present, was not
bowing down before him. Unnerved by the impudent act
of this stranger in the hall, the king called out: “How dare
you not bow down before me! Only God does not bow
down before me, and there is nothing greater than God.
Who then are you?” The tattered stranger answered with
a smile, “I am that nothing.” ANONYMOUS

The true Sufi is he that is nothing. TRADITIONAL

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