* What did the Angels say in reply to Adam Alaih Salaam when he conveyed Salaam to them?

* Virtues of conveying salaam

* Regarding the right of Muslim over another Muslim

* Virtues of being first to convey salaam

* If one person from a group conveyed salaam or replied to the

salaam, it is sufficient

* Who should convey salaam to whom?

* What should be said in reply to the Salaam of Jews and Christians?

* When sitting on the roadside, fulfil the rights of the road

* Regarding the words of Salaam and saying the words Rahmat etc.

* Regarding emulating the Jews and Christians in Salaam (Greeting)

* The Prohibition of merely saying, alaikas Salaam

* What should be the intention when conveying salaam?

* Convey Salaam to every Muslim, whether youknow him or not

* Which is more virtuous; Salaam or the reply to salaam?

* Salaam should be conveyed in the plural form

* Regarding Salaam, when two delegations meet

* Regarding the reply of a Na Baaligh or female

* Who should make salaam to whom?

* When is it not waajib to reply to salaam?

* Regarding conveying Salaam to unbelievers

* The basis of Salaam is when meeting

* To whom should one not convey salaam?

* If one conveys salaam through another to someone, how

should he reply?

* Regarding replying to Salaam which is written in letters

* Regarding merely saying ‘Salaam Alaikum’ or ‘Salaamu Alaikum’

* Regarding commencing Salaam with ‘Alaikas Salaam’

* Salaam and the reply to salaam should be audible enough for it

to be heard

* The same applies to the answer to sneezing

* Regarding conveying Salaam by raising the palm or gesturing

with the finger

* Gesturing with the head or hand is not sufficient as the reply

to salaam

* Regarding bowing when conveying Salaam

* Regarding modern day Salaams (Greetings)

* To write alaihis salaam or to say it, is only specific for the

Ambia and the Mala’ika

* Regarding saying: ‘Jeete Raho’ (Have a long life)


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