Shibli Radi Allahu anhu’s Love for Allah Almighty

Hadrat Shibli (May the mercy of Allah be upon him) was a renowned elder whose life was filled with fascinating events. Before becoming the great Hadrat Shibli, he was the governor of Nahawand District, and went to the king’s palace one day when the king summoned all his governors.

The king presented all of them with beautiful robes due to a joyous occasion and requested them all to wear the same the following day to an assembly.

All the governors gathered the following day for an assembly and discussion. When the discussion was at its height, with everyone deeply involved, a governor tried to overcome an incredible urge to sneeze and finally sneezed loudly four to five times when he could control it no longer.

Although such things are beyond one’s control, everyone looked at him because the discussion had been disturbed. As he did not have a handkerchief, this governor wiped his nose with a corner of his robe, something that the king saw him do. Seeing the precious robe he had given as a gift used in this disrespectful fashion, the king became so angry that the governor was ordered out of the palace in disgrace for failing to honor his king. Silence now fell over the gathering and thereafter, the king concluded the gathering and everyone went home.

Soon after this event, a palace guard announced that the Governor of Nahawand sought an audience with the king and he was allowed in. The governor began by saying, “My king, I just want to know if my fellow governor’s sneeze was within or beyond his control?” The king became irate and said, “I sense the stench of argument in your question. Do not dare to raise such a question again!” Read the rest of this entry »

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