HUZUR GHAUS E PAK (RADI ALLAHU TA’ALA ANHU’s) lectures were full of knowledge and wisdom. They were so influential and powerful that listeners would go into spiritual ecstasy.

Some of them would tear their clothes. Others would fall unconscious. On some occasions, certain listeners would become so lost in the gems of love for Allah and His Rasool (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) that the great Saint (alaihir rahmah) presented in his lectures, that they would even pass away in this condition.

On various occasions, even non-Muslims came to his lectures. After listening to his lectures they would find that they could not refute anything he said and they would willingly accept Islam.

In addition to the ordinary members of the public, Rijaal-ul-Ghaib and Jinns also frequented his blessed gatherings.

Akaabireen and Mashaa’ikh also frequented his gatherings. It was a training school for the young, a place to repent for the sinful, a place of guidance for the misguided, and a bank of spiritualism for the spiritually bankrupt.

His voice was very stern and sharp. One of the miracles of his Majlis was that each and every person sitting there heard him alike, even though in those times, there was no means of voice amplification, such as microphones and the like.

Al-Ghawth al-A’zam’s (alaihir rahmah) close student, Sayyidi Abdullah Jabaa’ee (alaihir rahmah), states that during this era of his lectures, more than 100, 000 sinners repented at the blessed hands of al-Ghawth al-A’zam (alaihir rahmah) and thousands of Jews and Christians accepted Islam at his hands.

All the great scholars agree that during that era the majority of the people in Baghdad repented from their wrongs at the hands of the great Saint and also became his disciples.

Once, thirteen

Christians accepted Islam in the Majlis of Sheikh Abd al-Qaadir al-Jilani (alaihir rahmah). When they were requested to explain their acceptance of Islam, they said that they heard of the religion of Islam and that their hearts were pleased with this Deen but they had been in search of a true servant of Allah who would, by looking at them, dispel the darkness of their hearts. While they were in search of this true servant of Allah, they heard a Voice from the Unseen saying,

“Go to Sheikh Abd al-Qaadir in Baghdad and bring Islam on his hands, for it is he who will cleanse your hearts and fill it with light of Imaan

When the thirteen Christians received this message from the Unseen, they travelled to Baghdad and accepted Islam on the hands of Sheikh Abd al-Qaadir Jilani (alaihir rahmah).

Baghdad Shareef

On one occasion, a monk named “Sanaan” presented himself in the gathering of Sheikh Abd al-Qaadir al-Jilani (alaihir rahmah) and accepted Islam on the hands of the great Saint.

After bringing Imaan, he stood up in the gathering and said:

“O people! I am a citizen of Yemen and for many years I lived in seclusion as a Christian Monk. For some time now, I have realised the truth of Islam, but after looking at the ways of the present Muslims, I delayed my acceptance of Islam and made a vow that I will accept Islam on the hands of a person who is the most pious amongst people. After making this vow, one night, I dreamt of Sayyiduna Esa Masih (alaihis salaam) who said,

‘O Sanaan! Go to Baqhdad and accept Islam on his hands. At the present moment, there is none on this earth that is more pious and firm on religion than he is, and there is none more exalted than him in this time.’

After this dream, I came here today and accepted Islam and I have found him to be as I have heard.”

Al-Ghawth al-A’zam’s (alaihir rahmah) lectures were inspiring to all who frequented his Majlis.

His words were kind but firm. He was not swayed by the power or status of anyone. If they were wrong, he did not hesitate to correct them in his Majlis or anywhere else. He feared none but Allah and made those who were in his Majlis aware of this.

Once, one of the close ministers of the Khalifa Azeezud’deen came to the Majlis of Sheikh Abd al-Qaadir al-Jilani (alaihir rahmah). When he saw him, the great Saint said, “The condition of those like you is such, that one man is lost in the slaveship of another.

Who then is the true slave of Allah?”

He then addressed Azeezud’deen directly and said,

“Stand up! Keep your hand on my hand so that you may distance yourself from this mundane world and run towards your Creator.”


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