JANNAT (PARADISE) – Bahaar E Shariat Vol 1 english

 Jannat is the abode which Almighty Allah has created for the believers. He has adorned Jannat with marvels unseen or unheard of by anyone. Even the thought of these splendours has not crossed the mind of any person. None can ever experience the true realities and bounties of Jannat (in this world). The only one that has been blessed with experiencing all the bounties and all the beauties of Jannat is the Holy Prophet Sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa sallam. Whatever has been explained with regards to Jannat is only to give one an idea of the exquisiteness and splendours of Jannat.The most beautiful things on this earth cannot compare in any way to anything in Jannat. 

One can therefore not compare the pleasures and tranquillity of Jannat. If one of the maidens of Jannat has to glance into the world, then through her beauty and radiance, the entire skies and earth will light up and be overwhelmed with fragrance. Her beauty will surpass the brightness of the sun and the moon. Her head gear is greater than the world and all its possessions. If a Hur (maiden of Jannat) has to reveal her palm between the skies and the earth, then the creation will be plunged into turmoil due to her beauty. If she reveals her head gear, its radiance will overshadow the sun. The sun compared to the beauty of her headgear will be like a candle in front of the sun. If anything from Jannat, even equivalent to the size of a finger nail has to fall onto the earth, it will be regarded as the most decorative item. If the bangle (or bracelet) of a Jannati (Dweller of Paradise) is revealed, it will cause the brightness of the sun to be hidden, like the sun causes the brightness of the stars to vanish. The smallest space in Jannat, equivalent to the amount of space needed to keep a dustbin, is more valuable than the world and all its possessions. Only Allah and His Rasool Sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa sallam know how vast Jannat is. For the purpose of understanding, it has been mentioned that Jannat has 100 levels.


1. There is no doubt, that nothing can be compared to Holy Paradise, but the Holy Kaaba is greater in status than Jannat, and as for the Blessed Rauda-e-Mubaarak of the Prophet Sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa sallam, then this is even greater than the Kaaba and more majestic than the Arsh of Allah which is the most Majestic station in the skies. The Arsh is a creation of Allah and the Holy Prophet Sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa sallam is the greatest of all creation. It is thus very evident that the Prophet Sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa sallam being the greatest of Allah’s creation is without doubt more exalted in position than the Arsh.

The distance between every two levels is equivalent to the distance between the skies and the earth. As for the issue in regards to the actual vastness of each level, then no such narration comes to mind right now. It is however mentioned in Tirmizi Shareef, that if all the worlds have to be put into one level, then this one level is vast enough for everything. There is a tree in Jannat that is so vast, that a fast horse is able to ride in its shade for a hundred years and still not come out of its shade.

The doors of Jannat are so extensive that, the distance from one door post to the other door post is the distance in which a swift horse travels in 70 years. With all this, the amount of people that will enter Jannat will be so many, that they will be touching elbows, struggling to enter. Because of the vast crowds of people that will enter Jannat, the doors of Jannat will actually creak. Jannat boasts a variety of unique mansions made from precious gemstones. They are so beautiful and pure; that the inside can be seen from outside and the outside can be seen from within.

The walls of Jannat are made from gold and silver bricks, which are fixed together by musk. It will have a gold brick, followed by a silver one. The ground will be prepared from saffron and instead of stones; there will be pearls and other precious stones on it. It has been mentioned in one narration that the bricks of Jannat are of white pearl, reddish diamonds and green emeralds. These bricks have been placed alternately and are bound by musk. In place of grass, there is saffron, and instead of stones, there are pearls, whilst the soil is made from amber.

There is a huge pavilion (tent) in Jannat, made from pearls. The height of this pavilion is more than a distance of 60 miles. There are 4 rivers flowing in Jannat; A river of water, a river of milk, a river of honey and a river of heavenly wine. Streams flow from each river into the homes of every Jannati. All the streams of Jannat flow on its surface, without any need to cut through the ground. The banks of each stream are bedecked with pearls and rubies, whilst its bed is made from heavenly musk.

The wine of Jannat has no similarity to the wine of this world, which smells of a foul odour and has a harsh taste, causing a person to become drunk by it, and lose his sense of judgment. The wine of Jannat is pure from all the above mentioned deficiencies. The Jannatis will have the opportunity of partaking in all the delicacies provided in Jannat. Whatever they desire will appear before them without any effort. If a person sees a particular bird and wishes to taste its meat, it will appear roasted (i.e. cooked) before him immediately.

If he thinks of water etc. then the container will appear by itself in his hand. The container will have the exact amount of water, milk or honey in it that the person desires. There will neither be a drop more or less than that what he desires. It will then return to wherever it appeared from, after the person drinks from it. There shall be no impurities in Jannat, meaning there will be no urine, stool, mucus from the nose or ear wax etc. The Jannatis

will only burp a fragrant and soothing burp. The Jannatis perspiration will be fragrant and soothing. It will cause all the food which he has eaten, to be digested. The scent of musk will prevail in ones burp and perspiration. Every person will have the stamina of a hundred men, with which to eat, drink and acquire sexual satisfaction.

Those in Jannat will be engrossed in recitation of Tasbeeh, with intent and without intent, similar to the flow of ones breath. There will be 10 000 servants standing at the head side of every person. They will each have a bowl of gold and a bowl of silver in their hands, filled with all the delicacies of Jannat. No matter how much a person eats, the taste will never diminish. Actually, the more one eats, the tastier it will become.

Every morsel will have 70 different flavours and each flavour will be more exquisite than the next. The taste of every flavour will be experienced simultaneously.

The clothing of the Jannatis will never become old or worn out. The Jannatis will remain young forever. When the first group of Muslims enters Jannat, their faces will be as bright as the full moon. The faces of the second Jama’at will be as bright as the brightest star. They will all live in harmony and there will be no disunity or jealousy amongst them.

Of the maidens of Jannat awarded to the men, there will be at least 2 such maidens whose beauty and exquisiteness will be such that, even after being attired in 70 sets of clothes, their ankles will be visible through these clothes, like red wine is visible through a clear glass, and this is because Almighty Allah has compared them to rubies. If one pierces a hole in a ruby and threads a string through it, the string can be clearly seen through the precious gemstone.

A man will see his face in the face of a maiden more clearly than looking in a mirror. The smallest pearl that she wears will be so beautiful, that it can light up the area between the East and the West. It has been mentioned in one narration that if a man places his hand between her shoulders, he will be able to see it through her clothes, flesh and skin. If the clothes of Jannat have to be worn by someone in this world, then all those who see it will fall unconscious, and the sights of the people will not be able to withstand its powerful rays.

When a man goes to a maiden of Jannat, he will find her as pure and chaste as the first time he went to her, but there will be no discomfort in intimacy for either the male or the female. If a drop of a Hur’s saliva falls into the ocean, the sweetness of her saliva, will sweeten the entire ocean.

It has been mentioned in another narration that if a drop of a heavenly maiden’s saliva had to fall into the seven seas, the seven seas would become sweeter than honey. When a person enters Jannat, he will find two maidens at his head side, singing in a beautiful and melodious voice. There singing will not be similar to the shaitaani songs and music of this world, but it will be the Praise of Almighty Allah.

They have very sweet voices. The creation has never heard such a sweet voice before. They will also chant a song wherein they will say, ‘Forever we will live, and never shall we die. We are blessed with comfort, never to experience any discomfort. We are happy and never will be sad. Congratulations to those who have become ours, whilst we have become theirs.’

With the exception of the hair on their heads, eye lashes and eye brows, the Jannatis will not have any other hair. They will also not have beards in Jannat. The Jannatis will have bluish grey eyes and none will look older than 30 years old. An ordinary Jannati will be awarded 80 000 servants and 72 wives. He will be presented with a brilliant crown.

The smallest pearl in it will illuminate the entire East and West. If a person wishes to have a child, then they will become pregnant and have a child within a moment, who will even reach the age of 30 in a moment as well. Those in Jannat will not feel the need to sleep, since sleep is a kind of death. When the Jannati enters Jannat, each will receive an exalted status according to his or her deeds. There is no limit to the Grace of Allah.

After a week, the Jannatis will be afforded the permission to make Deedar of Almighty Allah (i.e. they will be blessed with the Divine Vision). The Arsh of Allah will appear in one of the gardens of Paradise and the Jannatis will see the manifestation of Almighty Allah. Pulpits of Light, pearls, rubies, emeralds, gold, silver, musk and camphor will be laid for the Jannatis to sit on. None of them will feel inferior to another.

They will see Almighty Allah as clearly, as every person sees the sun or the full moon from wherever He is (This is an example without comparison). Almighty Allah will address some of the Jannatis reminding them of their past sins and wrongs.

He will say, ‘O certain person, the son of certain! Do you remember that which you did on such and such a day’ The person being addressed will humbly say, ‘O Allah, have you not pardoned me?’

Allah will say, ‘Indeed I have pardoned you. It is through my Mercy that you have received this position of excellence.’ 

Everyone will still be in this highly special condition, when the sky will become overcast with clouds and a beautiful fragrance will rain down upon them; such a fragrance that they have never smelt before.

Almighty Allah will say, ‘Go towards the place of admiration which I have prepared for you, and take as you desire.’ 

They will all go towards a special market place which will be fortified by Angels. They will see such items, which neither they had seen or heard of, nor did the thought of it even cross their minds. Whatever they desire there will be handed over to them. There will be no buying and selling at this market place. The Jannatis will meet with one another at this market place. The one with a lesser status will see the clothes of the one with higher status and admire it. Instantly he will feel that his own clothes are the best. This is because there is no unhappiness in Jannat. Each of them will return to their respective homes after visiting this beautiful Market place. They will be welcomed by their wives as they reach home. On seeing them their heavenly wives will admire them saying that they (the husbands) have returned home even more radiant and handsome than before.

The husbands will respond by saying, ‘We have been blessed with the honour of sitting before Almighty Allah. It is for this reason that we have become so radiant.’

When the Jannatis wish to meet with each other, then either their thrones will move to wherever they desire or they will be transported by very swift animals, which shall be presented to them. If they intend to visit any person or place, their desire will be instantly fulfilled. The Jannati of the most humble order will have wives and orchards etc that will stretch out for a distance of a thousand years. The most chosen ones in Jannat will be blessed with making Deedar of Almighty Allah, every morning and evening. When the Jannatis enter Jannat, then Almighty Allah will ask if they desire anything else.

They will say, ‘You brightened our faces and entered us into Jannat. You freed us from Hell. Now, there is nothing else we desire.

Then, the veils will be removed and the Jannatis will make Deedar of Almighty Allah, as there is nothing greater and more valuable than the opportunity to make Deedar of Almighty Allah.

‘O Allah Almighty, Bless us with the great privilege of seeing You, through the blessing of Your Beloved, Generous and Merciful Prophet Sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa sallam ’ Aameen

Bahaar E Shariat Vol 1 english by ( Mufti Amjad Ali Aazmi Sadrush Shariah Khalifa E AlaHazrat radi allahu anhum )

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