* Virtue in Gentleness 

Hadith 1: ‘Allah ta’aala is Compassionate and compassion is dear to Him, and He awards for compassion, that which he does not award for harshness (i.e. severity).’ [Muslim]
Hadith 2: He Sallallahu ta’ala alayhi wa sallam said to Hazrat A’isha  ﺭﺿﻰ ﺍﷲ ﺗﻌﺎﱃ ﻋﻨﻬﺎ ‘Make gentleness (i.e. softness and empathy) necessary and abstain from abusiveness and harshness. Gentleness gives beauty to that which possesses it and that from which it is removed, becomes flawed (i.e. defective)’. [Muslim]
Hadith 3: ‘He who is deprived of gentleness is deprived of Good’. [Muslim]
Hadith 4: ‘Whosoever received a share of gentleness, has received the share of good for this world and the hereafter; and the one who is deprived from the share of gentleness, has been deprived from the good of the world and the hereafter’. [Sharhus Sunnah]
Hadith 5: ‘Shall I not tell you whom hell-fire is forbidden  to touch and upon whom hell-fire is haraam? It is haraam upon a person who brings about easiness, having gentle and lenient (nature).’ [Ahmed, Tirmizi]
Hadith 6: ‘Believers are lenient and gentle, like a camel on a bridle. If it is pulled, it allows itself to be pulled and if it is brought to sit on a rock, then it will remain seated.’ [Tirmizi]
* Ahadith pertaining to Modesty

Hadith 7: A person was admonishing his brother because of modesty, saying that he was too shy. Rasoolullah Sallallahu ta’ala alayhi wa sallam said ‘Let him be, (in other words, do not admonish him) for modesty is from Imaan’. [Bukhari, Muslim]
Hadith 8: ‘Modesty does not bring forth but good. Modesty is totally good’. [Bukhari]
Hadith 9: These are the words of the past Ambia, which is common amongst the people ‘If you have no modesty (i.e. shame), then do as you wish’. [Bukhari]
Hadith 10: ‘Modesty is part of Imaan and Imaan is in Jannat and rudeness is part of hardness of heart and hardness of heart is in hell’. [Ahmed, Tirmizi]
Hadith 11: ‘Every Deen has an innate character, (in other words natural habit and trait), and the character of Islam is modesty’. [Imam Maalik]
Hadith 12: ‘Imaan (Faith) and Modesty are both companions. When one is taken away, then the other is taken away as well’. [Baihaqi]
* Ahadith pertaining to Good Manners
Hadith 13: ‘To be virtuous is to have good character and sin is that which feels distasteful in the heart, and you  do not desire that the people should become aware of it’. [Muslim]
Here a person whose heart Allah has enlightened and whose heart is alert and bright is being discussed. Even though it is not something proven to be forbidden through evidence of the Shariat, he still feels this. Now, if there is evidence pointing to it being forbidden, then there will be no consideration to it feeling distasteful.
Hadith 14: ‘The dearest to me amongst you is the one whose character is the best’. [Bukhari]
Hadith 15: ‘The best amongst you are those, who are of good character’. [Bukhari, Muslim]
Hadith 16: ‘The most accomplished in Faith are those who possess good character’. [Abu Dawud]
Hadith 17: ‘Man has not been awarded anything better than good character’. [Baihaqi]
Hadith 18: ‘The heaviest thing which will be kept on the Mizaan (Scale) of the believers on the Day of Qiyaamat, shall be their good character, and Allah does not keep dear a person who is obscene and foulmouthed’. [Tirmizi]
Hadith 19: ‘A Believer attains the excellence of being ‘Qaaimul-Lail’ 1 and ‘Saaim-un-Nahaar’ 2 , due to his good character’. [Abu Dawud]
Hadith 20: ‘A believer is one who is tricked 3 and a ‘Faajir’ is deceiving and mean, and one possessing bad character’. [Imam Ahmed, Tirmizi, Abu Dawud]
Hadith 21: ‘Fear Allah wherever you may be and if you commit any wrong; do good thereafter, for it cleanses it; and approach the people with good character’. [Ahmed, Tirmizi, Daarimi]
Hadith 22: ‘The one, who swallows his anger even though he has the ability to resist, will be summoned by Allah before all on the Day of Qiyaamat and he will be afforded the choice to go with whichever of the maidens of paradise he wishes’. [Tirmizi, Abu Dawud]
Hadith 23: Rasoolullah Sallallahu ta’ala alayhi wa sallam said ‘I have been sent so that I may perfect good character’. [Imam Maalik, Ahmed]
1. ‘Qaaim-ul-Lail’ refers to one who stands in prayer at night
2. ‘Saaim-un-Nahaar’ refers to one who keeps fast in the day
3. In other words, a believer is tricked due to his kindness and not because of stupidity

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