The Description of The PROPHET’s physic by BY QADI IYYAD

Ash Shifa Shareef

It is impossible to turn a blind eye to the fact that Prophet Mohammed, praise and peace be upon him, is by far the most worthy and the greatest of all mankind, and that he is the most perfect of all, adorned with the most excellent virtues and qualities. In this section Judge Iyyad embarks upon detailing the perfection of the Prophet’s physical attributes and supplicates “May Allah illumine my heart and yours, and increase our love for this noble Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him).” He then reminds the reader of the fact that the Prophet’s qualities were not acquired rather, they were gifted to him by the Creator.

His physical description and character have been reported by many of his Companions and we are told that he was the most handsome man ever created, surpassing the beauty of Prophet Joseph for whom the women of the city cut their hands, ”When she heard of their sly whispers, she sent for them and prepared a banquet. To each she gave a knife, (then called Joseph saying,) ‘Come and attend to them.’ When they saw him, they were so taken with him that they cut their hands, and said, ‘Allah save us! This is no mortal, he is no other but a noble angel!’ 12.21.

The complexion of Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him) was radiant. His eyes were black, deep, widely set, and naturally mascaraed with a slight tinge of pink, accentuated by long eyelashes. His nose was distinctive and his teeth evenly spaced. His face was round with a broad forehead. His beard was thick and reached his chest. As for his chest and abdomen they were equal in size and his shoulders were broad as was his chest. His bones were large as were his arms. The palms of his hands were thick as were the soles of his feet. His fingers were long and his skin tone fair. The hair between his chest and navel was fine. He was of medium stature, however, when a tall person walked by his side the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) appeared to be the taller. As for his hair it was neither curly nor straight and when he laughed his teeth were visible like a flash of lightning, or, they have been described as white as hailstones. His neck was balanced, neither broad nor fat, as for his body it was firm and did not lack firmness in any limb.

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