Utterances of Shaykh Abdal Qadir Al-Jilani radi Allahu anhu (Malfuzat Sharif) Part 1

Abdal Qadir Al Jilani radi Allahu anhuSayings, Sufi Quotes, Islamic Quotes by Shaykh Abdal Qadir Al-Jilani radi Allahu anhu (Malfuzat Sharif)

There is nothing worth talking about, until you have been hatched out of the egg of your wordly existence [wujud] and embraced by the wing of the sacred law [shariah].

When the heart puts the Quran and the Sunnah into practice, it draws near to Allah exalted is He.

Make praying for forgiveness [istighfar] the regular practice of your tongue, grateful acknowledgment [ [itiraf] the regular practice of your heart, and quiet calm [sukun] the regular practice of your innermost being [sirr].

Let others eat their fill, while you go hungry.
Let others enjoy respect, while you remain humble.
Let others become rich, while you remain poor.

Indulging the appetites of the flesh will harden the heart, restrict the innermost being [sirr], eliminate keen intelligence, cause an increase in sleepiness and negligence, intensify greed and extend expectations.

The Sufi is one whose heart is pure [safa], free from attachment to his physical existence [wujud]. His heart is an ambassador between him and his Lord (Almighty and Glorious is He). He cannot be a Sufi until he sees his Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) in his dreams, educating him, telling him what to do and what not to do. His heart will make progress and his innermost being [sirr] will be purified at the door of the King, while his hand is in the hand of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace).

You need to fade away and die a thousand times, then at last you will stand firm.

For the people [of the Lord] there is neither night nor day. Their diet is the diet of the sick and their sleep is the sleep of the drowned. Their speech is only out of necessity. When someone really knows Allah, his tongue falls silent.

O seeker! Just two steps and you would reach the All-Merciful [ar-Rahman]. The lower self [nafs] and creatures [are the two things you need to step away from] and you would reach your goal in both this world and the hereafter.

If you stand in the presence of any fellow creature, trying to obtain what he has at his disposal, Allah will despise you.

As the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) has said: When someone pesters [tada’da’a] a rich man, seeking what he has in his possession, two thirds of his religion are gone.
Sincerity [ikhlas] is the believer’s plot of land, while his deeds [a’mal] are its surrounding walls. The walls are subject to alteration and change, but not so the ground. Only upon dutiful devotion [taqwa] can a building be firmly based.

Your lowerself [nafs] is your sweetheart. If only you could realize that it is in fact your enemy and your murderer, you would oppose it and refuse to give it food and drink, except for what it must have to survive; to that much it is entitled.

Woe unto you! You go seeking this world and the hereafter, yet you lay claim to love. O stupid fool, you claim to love Him, yet you go asking Him to keep harm away and to provide only benefit, Be off with you! You are not of the people [of the Lord], you are the slave of creatures, the slave of the lowerself [nafs], the passions [hawa] and carnal desires [shahawat].

The champions of truth [siddiqun] consider it their duty to devote more and more time to worshipful service [ibada], out of gratitude to the Benefactor [Mun’im]. In return for His blessings they offer obedience and thanks.

The pious abstainer [zahid] is one who abstains even from that which is lawful. As for abstaining from the unlawful, that is an obligatory duty [wajib].

Abdal Qadir Al Jilani radi Allahu anhu
You must renounce your own will in order to gain the will of the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He).

You must carry out the commandment of Allah exalted is He and the commandment of His Messenger [Rasul] (Allah bless him and give him peace) and put them both into practice. On this path there is no “I” and no “We,” but only “You, You.”

The breasts of the champions of truth [sidiqqun] are breasts illumined by the radiance of the mysteries of the Lord of All the Worlds [Rabb al-Alamin]

As the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) has said: Beware of the penetrating insight of the believer [ittaqu firasata’l mu’min].
[The people of the Lord are] people who have a job that keeps them too busy to earn a living, for they look after the welfare of their fellow creatures, who are like children in their eyes. They are not attached to this world. This world offers itself to them but they reject it. Blessed is he who follows them and relieves them of the burdens imposed by worldly needs and their dependants.

This that you have in your possession does not really belong to you. It is actually the common property of the neighbors who are your patners. Your acquisitions have been placed at your disposal as a trial and a test:

And spend out of that to which He has made you successors (57:7) – that He may see how you behave. (7:129)
Share your goods with your neighbors. Feed the poor. The home of the champion of truth [siddiq] may look cramped, but it is very spacious inside.

Where can we find someone who shuts the door of creatures, stands at the door of the Truth and presents all his needs to his Lord?

Cut off the material means [asbab] and repudiate the wordly bosses [arbab], then see what you will see. Stop at His door and rest your head on the pillow of patient endurance of pain and suffering. His judgment [qada] and His decree [qadar] may cut deep, but you must not complain. Then you will witness a marvel [ajab]. You will see how creative power [takwin] can affect your spiritual state, how mercy [rahma] can educate you, and how love [mahabba] can accelerate your progress. The whole crux of the matter is to keep silent after the experience, for this is the opportunity for the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He) to take pride in His servant. He declares forbidden to him the foster mothers [maradi] of creatures and material means. He restores him to His true nearness. Once he has come to be in the lap of His grace [lutf], the fragrance will satisfy him completely. The fragrance of the pain and suffering will satisfy him completely. The mercy will satisfy him completely.

Is it not He who answers the distressed. when he calls unto Him? (27:62)
He will distress you until you call on Him in supplication. He loves urgent persistence in prayers of supplication [dua]. He will bar all the doors in your face until you come to a halt at His door. The dearly loved ones [ahbab] seen the door of nearness opened. It is like when a mother locks her door to keep her own son out, and tells her neighbors not to leave a door open. for a purpose she wishes to achieve. He goes off and sits there weeping and feeling remorse. Whichever door he approaches. he sees that it is locked. so he comes back to his mother’s door. The Lord of Truth makes things difficult for His servant, in order to bring him back to Himself and so that he will not attach his heart to creatures.

The genuine spiritual pauper [faqir sadiq] ought not to go looking for his own sustenance [rizq], but if he cannot avoid doing so altogether, he should seek just enough for his basic needs.

When He draws you near and puts you to the test. you must accept His tribulation with good grace, otherwise He will keep you fully occupied with your suffering. The craving for worldly things makes you too disturbed to experience your nearness to Allah exalted is He.

Abdal Qadir Al Jilani radi Allahu anhu

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