The third fraudulent argument of this disbelieving group is that the Islamic law states that a person, who has 99 things of disbelief and one thing of Islam in his personality, should not be labelled as a disbeliever. Firstly, this flimsy argument is the worst and the weakest of all. If a person gives a call to prayer or performs a prayer of two-Rakah once in the day and worships the idols, blows the clarions or rings the bells in the remaining part of the day for 99 times, he is by this definition a Muslim. Such a person is not a man of faith. Let alone faith, such a person cannot be described as a Muslim by a sensible man.

Secondly, in the light of this definition except the atheists, who deny the very existence of Allah, all other disbelievers, like Hindus, Christians, Jews etc, will have to be described as Muslims. They have one thing in common; they all believe in the existence of Allah. This one thing is one of the most important principles in Islam. The philosophically-inlined disbelievers, or Aryans or similar other people have their own concepts of the unity of, Allah. The Jews and Christians will have to be regarded as very distinguished Muslims because in addition to the unity of Allah they also believe in many of His Scriptures, thousands of His Prophets, the Dooms-day, accountability on the final Day of Judgement, reward, and punishment, Heaven and Hell etc, most of these doctrines being in conformity with Islam.

(Tamheed Ul Iman by Ala Hazrat radi allahu anhu)


In 1320 A.H these disbelieving statements were printed in a single volume along with a convincing refutation. At that time some Muslim leaders contacted the head of these insolent people to ask him some intellectual questions. These questions flabbergasted the insolent people very much You can ask from those who saw them how worried they looked. But they could neither disown their statements nor Invent any meaning. Their leader said that he had not come to take part In a debate. He further said that he did not want a debate to take place because he and his teachers were ignorant in the art of  debating. His final word was that he would continue to say the same thing over and over again, even if others convinced him to the contrary.The questions together with a detailed account were printed on the 15th of Jamad-al-Akhir 1323 A.H. and this document was handed over to the head and his insolent followers. Four years have passed after this event and we haven’t heard a single voice in reply. Under these circumstances their fraudulent denial is just like saying that the insolent people who have used insulting language for Allah and His Prophet صلى اله عليه وسلم were not born in this world, and nothing can be done because it is all unreal. May Allah give them a sense of self-respect!

There is a fifth fraudulent argument, which they give; they blame scholars of Ahl-e-Sunnat for branding others as disbelievers. This shows the helplessness of the insolent people. They lack moral courage to seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty and His Prophet Muhammad صلى اله عليه وسلم for their printed insulting words and arrogant attitude. They should refer to these words clearly because Prophet Muhammad صلى اله عليه وسلم says:
When you do a wrong thing, you must immediately seek forgiveness: Secretly for your secret action and openly for your open action Imam Ahmad reports in Zuhd and Tibraani in AI-Kabeer and Baihaaqi in Shuab on the authority of Muaaz, son of Jabal through a genuine sanad.

(Tamheed Ul Iman by Ala Hazrat radi allahu anhu)


These insolent people quote this verse:
“Who debar men from the Way of Allah and have it crooked”

And try to instigate the Muslim public by blaming the scholars of Ahl-e-Sunnat for condemning many Muslims as disbelievers. Their allegation is that they have a machine which point the verdicts of disbelief. Ismail Dehlvi has been called a disbeliever Molvi Ishaq has been called or Molvi Abdul Hay has been called a disbeliever. More brazen-faced people go so far as to say that (May Allah forgive us for quoting) that Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz has been called a disbeliever. Shah Waliallah has been called. Hajj Imdad Ullah has been called a disbeliever. The absolutely shame-less go beyond this and say (May Allah forgive) Hazrat Shaikh Mujaddid Alif Thani radi allahu anhu has been called a disbeliever. In short, they mention the name of that person who is held in high esteem by the person they talk to. So much so that one of these insolent people went to Maulana Shah Muhammad Hussain Allahabadi (May Allah bless his soul) and wrongly alleged that His Holiness Hazrat Syedina Shaikh-e-Akbar Mohyuddin bin Arabi has been called a disbeliever. May Allah grant a place in Heaven to the Maulana in the highest Heaven!

He acted upon the Quranic verse:
O ye who believe, if an evil doer brings you tiding,verify it.

He wrote a letter to ascertain the truth. In reply a treatise named Anja-al-Deri Un Waswaas-ul-Muftri was written and sent. On receipt of this treatise the Maulana sent a letter of condemnation to the liar. These insolent people always tell lies, and the answer is the same which,

Only they invent falsehood who believe not And Allah Says And  (Solemnly)invoke the curse of Allah upon those who lie

(Tamheed Ul Iman by Ala Hazrat radi allahu anhu)


O Muslims! It is not difficult to deal with this week and fraudulent argument. Ask these people to give proof. There is no point in saying that such persons have been called disbelievers. They must give evidence. They must show the book or the magazine. Or the Islamic verdict or any other document in which such a statement is contained. If they have any evidence, why don’t they produce it? for which particular day are they waiting? They must give proof if they can. Obviously they can’t! Allah knows that they can’t produce any documentary proof. See that the Holy Quran gives evidence that they are liars. O Muslims! YOUR ALLAH ALMIGHTY SAYS
Since they produce no witnesses, they verily are liars in the sight of Allah”

0 Muslims! there is no point in testing those people who have already been tested. It has
happened a number of times that these insolent people have made a lot of fuss and noise, but they run away when some Muslim asks them to give proof. They could not face him. They are addicted to making fuss and noise. They want to cover the disbelief of those who have used insulting language for Allah and His Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم by instigating the Muslim public by saying that the scholars of Ahl-e-Sunnat brand other people as disbelievers without any reason. They may have said the same for the insolent people as well. 0 Muslims these inventors of lies can’t produce any proof. It is a fact: falsehood has no legs of proof to stand upon.
“.And that Allah will never guide the snare of the false ones”.

This light of truth is enough to expose their falsehood.
“Say : bring your proof (of what you state) if you are truthful.”

(Tamheed Ul Iman by Ala Hazrat radi allahu anhu)

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