Permissibility Of Celebrating Meelad-Un-Nabi Salla Allahu ta’ala’alayhi wa sallam

Madina Shareef 32It is the belief of the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaat that it is totally permissible to celebrate the Maulood (Birthday) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Salla Allahu ta’ala’alayhi wa sallam since this is a means of attaining great blessings.

Allah Almighty says in the Holy Qur’aan:

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FROM AL-MALFOOZAAT SHAREEF by AlaHazrat radi allahu anhu

Question: A person is a Mureed of a certain Murshid who passed away a long time ago. Now, can this Mureed of the demised Shiekh became the disciple (Mureed) of another Shiekh?

Answer: It is forbidden to change the Bay’at for no specific valid Islamic reasons. Yes, it is permissible to renew one’s Bay’at (Tajdeed). In fact, it is recommended to take Bay’at with another Murshid-e-Kaamil in the exalted Silsila of Qaderiyah without breaking ties with your Shiekh. Such Bay’at will not be regarded as a new one but a renewal of the old one. This is so because all Silsilas (Spiritual orders) leads to the main stream being the Silsila of Qaderiyah.

A’la Hadrat went on further: Once three Qalandars (certain type of Dervishes) humbled themselves in the illustrious presence of Shiekh-ul Mashaa’ikh, Sultan Nizamuddin Mehboob-e-Elahi (Radi Allah Anhu). They requested for food so the Shiekh ordered the Khadim (servant) to give them whatever was present. When the Khadim presented the food, the Qalandars looked at the food, picked it up, threw it and demanded better food. Witnessing this attitude of the guests, the great Sheikh did not comment, but ordered the Khadim to present better food. The Khadim then got better food and presented it to the guests. They looked at the food, picked it up and threw it for the second time. They then demanded better food. The Noble Shiekh still kept calm and ordered for better food. Better food was presented for the third time and the Qalandars threw it away and still demanded better food. After the third time, Sheikh-ul Mashaa’ikh called the Qalandar close to him and spoke very softly in his ears: “At least this food is better than the dead ox you ate on your way to me”.

When he heard this, the condition of the Qalandar changed. (On their way they were without food for three days and were starving. Eventually they came across a dead ox so they ate from it to survive). The Qalandars fell on the feet of great Shiekh and cried. Shiekh-ul Mashaa’ikh lifted them up and embraced them. They were spiritually blessed by the Sheikh. After this spiritual blessing, they started dancing in ecstasy saying: “My Murshid blessed me with Ne’mah”. The disciples present there said to them: “You fool! You came here as a destitute. Whatever you received was from our Sheikh (Murshid) and not from your Murshid”. They replied: “You are fools, because if it was not by the guidance of our Murshid, why would your Murshid bless us?” On hearing this, Khwaja Nizamuddin (Radi Allah Anhu) said: “They are speaking the truth. O my Brothers (disciples), if you want to learn how to become a Mureed, learn from these Qalandars”.

17th Rabi’ al-Awwal | Hadrat Sayyid Shah Aal-e-Ahmad Acchay Miyan Marehrwi Alaihir raHmah

Qudwat al-Kaamileen, Abul Fadhl Hadrat Sayyid Shah Aal-e-Ahmed Ache Miyan is the thirty sixth Imam and Shaykh of the Silsila Aaliyah Qaadiriyah Barakaatiyah Razviyah Nooriyah.


He was born on the 28th of Ramadan al-Mubaarak 1160 Hijri.


His name is Sayyid Aal-e-Ahmed and his title is Ache Miya. His father was has Hadrat Sayyid Shah Hamza.


Hadrat Saahib al-Barkaat Shah Barkatullah said that he would be blessed with a son (descendant) in the fourth generation, who will strengthen the brightness of the Khandaan. He also gave a cloak to his eldest son, Hadrat Sayyiduna Shah Aale Muhammad to pass it over to the child. When the Bismillah Khwaani of Hadrat Ache Mia was taking place, Hadrat Shah Aale Muhammad, seated him down on his lap and said, “This is the child concerning whom my father foretold.”


He attained his education under the watchful eye of his father, and also studied tib (medicine) under the tutorship of Kaleem Nasrullah Saahib Marehrwi. Read the rest of this entry »

THE PROPHET (Salla Allahu ta’ala’alayhi wa sallam) has the power of giving benefit and loss

Some misguided persons believe that the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is powerless, that he does not possess the power to give benefit or cause loss to anybody. The belief of the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama’at is that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has been blessed by Allah Ta’ala with the powers to give benefit or loss to anybody if he wishes.

The following verses of the Holy Quran prove this. Allah Ta’ala states in the Holy Quran:

“And if when they do injustice unto their souls, then O Beloved! They should come to you and then beg forgiveness of Allah and the Messenger should intercede for them, then surely, they would find Allah Most Relenting, Merciful.” (Para 5, Ruku 6)

· “And what they felt bad, only this that Allah and His Messenger has enriched them out of His grace;” (Para 10, Ruku 16)

· “And O Beloved! Remember when you did say to him whom Allah bestowed a favour and you have bestowed a favour.” (Para 22, Ruku 2)

And We did not send you (O dear Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him) except as a mercy for the entire world. (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him – is the Prophet towards all mankind.)” (Part 17 Ruku 7)

Commentating on this verse of the Holy Quran, Allama Aaloosi (radi Allahu anhu) has stated, “And the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) being mercy unto the worlds is in this context that throughout the entire universe, his control is present through the Blessing of Allah Ta’ala. This is why the Noor of the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) was the first thing to be created and it is in the Ahadith, ‘ O Jaabir! Almighty Allah had first created the Noor of your Nabi (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam)’ and in the next Hadith it is said that, ‘Almighty Allah is the Giver and I am the distributor. The explanation of the Soofia is more than that of mine in this matter.” (Tafseer Roohul Muaani)

It is mentioned in the Holy Quran that Hazrat ‘Isa (alaihis salaam) made a bird out of clay, blew into it, and then, with the Command of Allah Ta’ala, it began to fly. The Holy Quran also mentions that Hadrat ‘Isa (alaihis salaam) cured the blind, the lepers and brought back the dead back to life with the Command of Allah Ta’ala.

All these incidents prove that Nabi ‘Isa (alaihis salaam) was able to give benefit to those who sought his assistance. How can one dispute that our Nabi Muhammad Mustapha (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), who is superior to Nabi ‘Isa (alahis salaam), is not in control of giving benefit or loss to anyone? Read the rest of this entry »

[11th Safar al Muzaffar] Mufassir al-Azam Shaykh Ibrahim Rida al-Qadiri Alaihir raHma

Grand Son of AlaHadrat, Qamr al-Aarifeen, Umdat al-Mufasireen, Mufassir al-Azam Hind Jilani Mia Hadrat Allama Mawlana Muhammad Ibrahim Rida Khan was born on the 10th of Rabi ul Aakhir 1325 Hijri (1907) in Bareilly Shareef. His birth pleased his grandfather AlaHadrat Alaihir RaHma dearly. Ala Hadrat Alaihir RaHma called the Azaan and Iqaamah in his ears and chewed a date and placed it in his mouth. A’la Hadrat’s Alaihir RaHma brother Ustaz-e-Zaman Hadrat Hassan Raza Khan Alaihir RaHma was also very pleased when he heard of his birth.


A’la Hadrat Alaihir RaHma prepared a great feast for his Aqeeqah. All the students of the madrassa were fed according to their taste. In other words, those from Africa were fed according to their taste and those from India were fed according to their taste. A’la Hadrat Alaihir RaHma made sure that all the students were very happy during this invitation.


According to the family tradition, he was named Muhammad. His father then added the name Ibrahim. His mother always called him Jilani Mia, and his title was Mufassir-e-Azam Hind Alaihir RaHma.


Umdatul Mufassireen Hadrat Jilani Mia Alaihir RaHma is the forty second Imam and Sheikh of the Silsila Aaliyah Qaaderiyah Barakaatiyah Razviyah Nooriyah. Read the rest of this entry »

Huzoor TajushShari’ah Arbaab-e-ilm Ki Nazar Mein

(1) Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam Aalam-e-Islam 

 “AKHTAR MIYAN Ab Ghar Mein Baithne Ka Waqt Nahi, Yeh Log Jinki Bheed Lagi Huee Hai Kabhi Sukoon Se Baithne Nahi Dete, Ab Tum Is Kaam Ko Anjam do, Main Tumhare Supurd Kerta Hoon,

Logon se Mukhatib Hoker Mufti-e-Azam Ne Farmaya,

Aap Log Ab Akhtar Miyan Sallamahu Se Ruju Kiya Karein Unhe Mera Qayem Maqam Aur JaNasheeen Janein

(Mufti-e-Azam Aur Unke Khulfaa jild1 P152)

2) Huzoor Qutub-e-Madeenah 

Mujhe Mere Murshid Huzoor Aalahazrat Radi Allahu Anhu Se Jo Kuch Mila Un Khanwade Ke Shehzaado Moulana Ibrahim Raza khan Moulana Rehan Raza

Khan Aur Moulana Akhtar Raza Khan ko Ataa Ker Diya (Qutub-e-Madeenah)

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Martyrdom of the Grandson of RasoolAllah Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam

All had now presented their lives in the way of Allah, only the rider of the shoulder of RasoolAllah Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, the coolness of the eyes of Fatima, the inheritor of the lion of Allah, the leader of the youth of Paradise, Hazrat Imam Hussain RadiyAllahu Anhu was left with his ill and weak son Imam Zainul Aabideen, who could barely move from his bed. But he still managed to gather some strength and with a spear in his hand, approached his father and requested, ‘O father, let me go before you. It is not possible for you to be killed whilst I am still alive.’ Imam Hussain took the ailing son to one side and explained, ‘My dear son, on you lays the responsibility of protecting the women of our family, and you have to escort them back to our land. And from you will continue the progeny of mine and you will inherit the precious belongings of my grandfather and my father. All my hopes are with you. Look, be very patient and enduring; face all the troubles in the way of Allah with boldness and without complaint. In all circumstances, uphold the principles of Islam and the Sunnah of your grandfather Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. When you reach Madinah, present my Salaams to RasoolAllah Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam and describe all you have witnessed. You are my only inheritor and so you cannot go to the battlefield.’ Read the rest of this entry »

The Golden Sayings of Huzoor Hafiz-e Millat By Hazrat Allama Sayed Aleemuddin Misbahi

Tomb of Hafiz-E-Millat

Huzoor Hafiz-e Millat, Ustaad ul-Ulama, Hadrat Allama Maulana Hafiz Abdul Aziz Muhaddith Mubarakpur (Rahmatullahi Alaih) left this mundane world in 1976 A.D. He is the founder of the Al-Jamiatul Ashrafia Arabic University, Mubarakpur. Those people who saw Hadrat in their life and spent time with him all testify that he led a very humble and quiet life. Whenever he spoke, it was straight to the point. He did not speak of unnecessary things, backbite or complain about anything. Even those who were against him had their name taken by him with respect. Below are a few golden saying of Huzoor Hafiz-e Millat (Rahmatullahi alaih):


• In reality, work is life and uselessness is death

• Become a person of work, for work elevates a man’s status

• Work on earth, rest beneath

• Man was created for work. He who is useless is worse than the dead.

• According to me, the answer for every opposition is work.

• Lecturing is the easiest, more difficult than that is teaching, and the most difficult is writing.

• Wealth is a blessing from Allah, but a blessing greater than that is an eagerness to spend it in the path of Allah.

• He who fears Allah fears none.

• An intelligent man is he who learns from experiences of others, and not to create experiences for others.

• Unity is life, division is death.

• Worthy of respect is he, whose clothes are simple and heart is full of knowledge.

• To waste time is the greatest loss.

• Religious or worldly work depends on good health.

• He is not made unhappy who strives in work.

• One should not sit in such a place from where you have to move.

• A sense of responsibility is the greatest asset.

• A successful student is he who, along with knowledge, attains good actions from his teacher.

• No work should be done for fame. Doing the work will achieve fame anyway.

• A Muslim is he who obeys Allah and His Rasool (Sall Allahu alaihi wasallam)

• The teachers of a Madrasah should not consider themselves as staff, but servants.

• Besides Islamic knowledge, respect can be gained from worldly knowledge.

• A Darul Uloom building without education being parted is just a building.

• Time is of great value, to waste it is stupidity.

• Student life should be strict, as the habits obtained at this point are forever.

• Salaah is in reality that which is performed with congregation, otherwise along it is only an obligatory act.

• To seek easiness is the destruction of life.

• To follow the successful leads to success.

• The success of a Muslim is dependent on the fear of Allah.

• He who places his trust on Allah is of high regard in both worlds.

• Even if one has to give his life for Islam, he should do so firmly without turning back.

• A life is that which comes to the aid of others.

• To laugh out loudly is not the conduct of a Mu’min (believer).

• The life of the heart is Zikr.

• The love of Rasoolullah (Sall Allahu alaihi wasallam) is the love of Allah.

• To depend on Allah is everything.

• The running of a Madrassah is a difficult task. The mind and spirit should be one for it.

• Those who stop fearing Allah fear the entire world.

• One should seek such a teacher who has both knowledge and practice.

• With prayer one should be aware of the prohibited. Without this, one cannot obtain fruits.

• Look at the good of others, and the short-comings of yourself.

• I look at the good of others, not their short-comings.


Imam al-Azam Abu Hanifa Radi Allahu Anhu

 IMAM E AZAM ABU HANIFA Radi Allahu anhu
Compiled from the Book ‘Imam Azam Abu Hanifa’
By Hazrat Allama Sayed Shah Turab-ul-Haq Qaadiri Razvi

Translated into English through the Blessings of
Ghaus-ul-Waqt Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam Hind Rehmatullahi ‘ta’ala alaih

By a humble servant of Allah
Muhammad Afthab Cassim al-Qaadiri Razvi Noori

Imam Azam Abu Hanifa Radi Allahu anhu

All that has been mentioned up to this point makes the importance of Fiqh and the status of the Fuqaha very evident. It must be noted that amongst the Four Great Imams of Fiqh, the most superior and blessed status has been afforded to Imam Abu Hanifa Radi Allahu anhu, and it is for this reason that even the greatest Imams in History have referred to him as Imam-e-Azam Radi Allahu anhu.

The Imam of the Shafi’i Madhab, Hazrat Sayyiduna Imam Ash Shafi’i Radi Allahu anhu says:

‘All the Ulama and Fuqaha amongst the people are the descendants of Imam Abu Hanifa Radi Allahu anhu in the issue of Fiqh, and Imam Abu Hanifa Radi Allahu anhu is the distant ancestor. Without reading and studying his books, neither can anyone become a big Aalim, nor can he become a Faqih.’

Imam Abu Hanifa Nu’man bin Thaabit Radi Allahu anhu was born in Read the rest of this entry »

Hazrat Makhdoom Faqih Ali Mahimi Alaih Rehma’s Teachings and Achievements

Hazrat Makhdoom Ali

Hazrat Makhdum Faqih Ali Mahimi Alaih Rehma’s honorable father Maulana Hazrat Shaikh Ahmad Sahib (Radi Allahu anhu) was learned and great scholar and saintly man. He lived in Kokan from the very beginning. He was of Arab origin * and comes of the descendants, of Hazrat Ja’far Tayyar (Radi Allah Anhu) Bin Hazrat Abi Talib (Radi Allah Anhu).His honourable father, having observed his smart son’s cleverness and liking for knowledge and learning, paid his attention to his higher education, as he, too, was a great scholar of Arabic language.

He, therefore, helped his son Hazrat Makhdum Ali Faqih Mahaimi (Radi Allahu anhu) to become a scholar. In his childhood, under the training of his father, Maulana Shaikh Ahmed Bin Ali (Radi Allahu anhu), Hazrat Makhdum Ali Faquih Mahaimi (Radi Allahu anhu) acquired full fledged knowledge of recitation of the Qura’n with correct phonetics, theology, logic, philosophy, Hadith and all other extra-religious fields of knowledge and traditionally reported sciences etcetera.

The gracious mother of Hazrath Makhdum, Hazrat Bibi Fatima, too, was a perfect saintly woman. The gracious parents of Hazrat Makhdum (Radi Allahu anhu), through their training, polished and illuminated the God-gifted talents of their son, And by the favour and bounty of Allah, He became a writer of Quranic exegesis of high quality, a scholar of Holy Prophet’s Traditions, a theologian and a saint (Sufi), excellent and well versed in revelation and miracles. It is widely known that Hazrat Khizr (Alai Salaam), also, played a great role in his training.

When Hazrat Makhdum (Radi Allahu anhu) was barely of nine years age, acquired all the branches of knowledge, external as well as celestial and the Islamic Jurisprudence. Thereafter, only a few days had passed when, on the 25th of Jamadil Akhir 785 Hijri, his honoured father Maulana Shaikh Ahmad (Radi Allahu anhu) Bin Ali breathed his last and left this material world for ever.

After the death of his father, his thirst for knowledge and learning went on increasing. There was no source to quench this thirst, hence he came to his respected mother and said, Dear Mother ! My longing for knowledge has increased many fold. Here, I don’t find any source to satisfy my desire and longing for it. If you give me permission then, I would set out in search of the knowledge. The respected mother looked at the son for some time and then said. ‘My son! Your separation is unbearable to me. Allah, The Highest, is The Causer of the Causes. He, being the real doer of things, will make such a provision from unknown that it will be the source of satisfaction to your longing. The knowledge that is obtained through the divine favour is better than that acquired by any method of teaching and learning.

So, the very night, his respectable mother prayed to Allah and her prayers were answered positively by Allah. As usual, after early morning prayer was over, Hazrat Makhdum Ali, went for a walk to the sea-side. While he was strolling on the coast of the sea, he saw a radiant faced elderly person sitting on a rock which was lying on the coast of the sea. He conveyed his salam (salutes) to him. The elderly man returned his salaams to Hazrat Makhdum Ali (Radi Allahu anhu) and expressed his happiness smilingly. Then, he said, ‘You are longing for acquiring divine knowledge, then you come here to me daily every morning and I will teach you. The things you wish to obtain through journeys to distant places, Insha Allah (If Allah so wishes), you will get the same here and here only. I am the Khizr. Allah, The Highest, has sent me to teach you. Don’t divulge this secret to anybody.

So, he would go to that place where Khizr (Alaihis Salaam) used to sit. It was his routine to do so every morning after the early morning (fajr) prayers were over. He regularly did this. And, thus, he started to a acquire godly knowledge from Hazrat Khizr (Alaihis Salaam). In a few days, he was perfect in both the types of knowledge, intellectual as well as traditional. One day, by chance, his respectable mother made an enquiry with him, saying. “My son! To whom do you go to obtain knowledge daily? I have heard that you go to the sea-shore every day”. At first, he hesitated to give reply to his mother’s enquiry. But, feeling that it would be against the respect he had for his mother, he said, “I go to Hazrat Khizr (Alaihis Salaam) to learn from him.”

The next day, when, as usual he went to the sea-shore he found that Hazrat Khizr Hayatun Nabi (Alaihis Salaam) was not there. He very much regretted and become very sorrowful and came to his mother. Hazrat Makhdum (Radi Allahu anhu), with tears in his eyes, said to his mother, “Dear Mother ! I had, against the instruction and warning of Hazrat Khizr, mentioned you the secret of his teaching. And, I think, most probably, being angry with me, he did not turn up today.” Don’t be disappointed, Allah, The greatest and The Most merciful, will send, again, Hazrat Khizr (Alaihis Salaam) for your sake. “The glorious mother prayed to Allah, that very night. Consequently, the next day, at the time of the prayers of Asr, Hazrat Khizr (Alaihis Salaam) met him on the way and said,” You have got the inspired – knowledge by the order of Allah.” Then he took him to the sea-shore and having taken out a morsel of godly bounty from his own mouth, fed it to him and said. “Your glorious mother’s prayers are answered positively and you have achieved mastery over all the branches of knowledge by the favour of Allah.” When he was free from the evening prayers, he found his pure and clean bosom overloaded with all the branches of the knowledge.

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