Karamaat (Marvels) of Sayyiduna Mawla Ali al-Murtuda Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anho

Countless Salutations be upon the cup-bearer of milk and potion; the approved one, the lion of Allah and the bravest of the brave… Countless Salutations be upon the shadow of power of the providence the lion striking with the sword and sovereign conqueror of Khyber!! ♥

CURE FOR A CRIPPLE: Allama Taaj al-Din as-Subki Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu states in his book Tabqaat that once Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu took Hadrat Imam Hassan and Hussain (Radi Allahu Anhum) and went to the Kaa’ba. Whilst in the Haram, they heard a person crying bitterly, begging Almighty Allah to forgive him. Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu asked for this person to be brought before him. The person came to Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu dragging himself on the ground. He was a cripple. Hadrat Ali asked how he had become cripple and he said that he spent all his time openly committing sins. His father was a very pious Muslim who always warned him against sinning, but he took no heed. Once whilst his father was giving him advice, he became angry and beat his father up. His father became very sad and went to the Kaaba and cursed him. It was through the curse of his father, that he had become a cripple. The man said that he then realized his wrongs and repented sincerely in the Court of Allah and he also asked his father to forgive him. His father forgave him in fatherly love and was very pleased when he changed his life. The man then took an oath and said that his father asked to be brought back to Makkah, so that he may ask Allah to forgive his son and grant him cure. Whilst on their way to Makkah, their camel tripped, and his father fell off and was killed. The man said that from that day on he has been crying day and night in the Kaaba, begging Almighty Allah to grant him good health. When Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu heard this, he said, “If your father became pleased with you, then have faith that Almighty Allah is pleased with you.” Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu then read a few rakaats of Salaah and made dua for him. He then said, “Rise in the name of Allah! The cripple immediately stood up and was cured. Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu said, AIf you had not taken an oath to say that your father had become pleased with you, then I would never had made dua for you.” [Tabqaat]


WALL STOPPED FROM FALLING: Hadrat Imam Jaa’far as-Saadiq Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu states that once Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu was seated against a wall deciding a case, when people sitting in the hearing began to shout and become panic stricken. They asked Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu to move away as the wall that he was sitting against was about to collapse. Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu said, “Continue with the hearing. Allah is the Best Protector” The case continued. After the case had come to an end and when Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu left the area, then only did the wall collapse without causing any harm to anybody. [Izaalat al-Khulafa]


A SPY BECOMES BLIND: There was a person who used to sit in the companionship of Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu as a spy. He used to carry the information from the court of Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu to the opposition. Once Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu confronted him concerning this, and he denied this by swearing an oath. Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu got into Jalaal and said, “If you are telling a lie, then may Allah take your sight away.” The spy immediately became blind and from that day on walked around with a cane in his hand. [Shawahid an-Nabuwwah, Page 127]


ANGELS SERVE HIS HOME: Hadrat Abu Dharr Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu says, “Once the Prophet SallAllaho Alaihi wa Sallam sent me to call Hadrat Ali Radi ALLAHu Ta’ala Anhu from his home. When I reached his blessed home, I saw that the flour mill was in motion by itself, without being operated by anyone. When I told the Prophet SallAllaho Alaihi wa Sallam about this, the Prophet SallAllaho Alaihi wa Sallam said, ‘O Abu Dharr! There are some Angels of Allah that travel the earth. Allah has also given them the duty of assisting my family.’” Read the rest of this entry »

JANNAT (PARADISE) – Bahaar E Shariat Vol 1 english

 Jannat is the abode which Almighty Allah has created for the believers. He has adorned Jannat with marvels unseen or unheard of by anyone. Even the thought of these splendours has not crossed the mind of any person. None can ever experience the true realities and bounties of Jannat (in this world). The only one that has been blessed with experiencing all the bounties and all the beauties of Jannat is the Holy Prophet Sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa sallam. Whatever has been explained with regards to Jannat is only to give one an idea of the exquisiteness and splendours of Jannat.The most beautiful things on this earth cannot compare in any way to anything in Jannat. 

One can therefore not compare the pleasures and tranquillity of Jannat. If one of the maidens of Jannat has to glance into the world, then through her beauty and radiance, the entire skies and earth will light up and be overwhelmed with fragrance. Her beauty will surpass the brightness of the sun and the moon. Her head gear is greater than the world and all its possessions. If a Hur (maiden of Jannat) has to reveal her palm between the skies and the earth, then the creation will be plunged into turmoil due to her beauty. If she reveals her head gear, its radiance will overshadow the sun. The sun compared to the beauty of her headgear will be like a candle in front of the sun. If anything from Jannat, even equivalent to the size of a finger nail has to fall onto the earth, it will be regarded as the most decorative item. If the bangle (or bracelet) of a Jannati (Dweller of Paradise) is revealed, it will cause the brightness of the sun to be hidden, like the sun causes the brightness of the stars to vanish. The smallest space in Jannat, equivalent to the amount of space needed to keep a dustbin, is more valuable than the world and all its possessions. Only Allah and His Rasool Sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa sallam know how vast Jannat is. For the purpose of understanding, it has been mentioned that Jannat has 100 levels.


1. There is no doubt, that nothing can be compared to Holy Paradise, but the Holy Kaaba is greater in status than Jannat, and as for the Blessed Rauda-e-Mubaarak of the Prophet Sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa sallam, then this is even greater than the Kaaba and more majestic than the Arsh of Allah which is the most Majestic station in the skies. The Arsh is a creation of Allah and the Holy Prophet Sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa sallam is the greatest of all creation. It is thus very evident that the Prophet Sallallahu ta’ala alaihi wa sallam being the greatest of Allah’s creation is without doubt more exalted in position than the Arsh.

The distance between every two levels is equivalent to the distance between the skies and the earth. As for the issue in regards to the actual vastness of each level, then no such narration comes to mind right now. It is however mentioned in Tirmizi Shareef, that if all the worlds have to be put into one level, then this one level is vast enough for everything. There is a tree in Jannat that is so vast, that a fast horse is able to ride in its shade for a hundred years and still not come out of its shade.

The doors of Jannat are so extensive that, the distance from one door post to the other door post is the distance in which a swift horse travels in 70 years. With all this, the amount of people that will enter Jannat will be so many, that they will be touching elbows, struggling to enter. Because of the vast crowds of people that will enter Jannat, the doors of Jannat will actually creak. Jannat boasts a variety of unique mansions made from precious gemstones. They are so beautiful and pure; that the inside can be seen from outside and the outside can be seen from within. Read the rest of this entry »

True Anecdotes | The King of Yemen

It’s been recorded in Hujjatullahi ala al-Alameen and Taarikh Ibn Asaakir that 1,000 years before the arrival of the Holy Prophet SallAllaho Alaihi wa Sallam, the King of Yemen (Tabaa Awwal Hamīri) assembled 12,000 of his scholars and officials, 132,000 horsemen, and 113,000 foot soldiers to accompany him on a tour of his kingdom. During this expedition, they arrived in the city of Makkah and were surprised to find none of its residents interested in coming out to salute them. When the king enquired from his officials as to the reason for this, his prime-minister responded,

“There’s a structure in this city called ‘the House of Allah SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala’ which people from all over – way more than this army, in fact – come to pay their respects towards and to the city’s residents. Why then would they concern themselves with this measly procession?”

The king became infuriated upon hearing this and swore,

“I’ll tear that structure down and have all of these people killed!”

He then suddenly found blood emerging from his eyes, nose and mouth (along with a liquid so horrendous in smell that no-one in his company could bear sitting next to him). After seeking help from his numerous doctors to cure this condition of his (all to no avail), one of his priests finally stepped forward and said,

“O King! This sickness is from the Heavens, while we possess cures only from the Earth. The only way to rid yourself of it is to seek forgiveness for any bad intention you may have had recently.” Read the rest of this entry »


1. According to Tirmizi Shareef, Sayyiduna Jabir (radi Allahu anhu) reported: I saw Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in his Farewell Pilgrimage on the Day of Arafat while he was riding on the camel, Qaswa, to deliver the sermon. I heard him say, “O People! I have left among you something which if you adhere to, you will never be misguided – the Book of Allah and my progeny (the People of my House)”.

2. It is also reported in Tirmizi Shareef: Sayyiduna Zain bin Arqam (radi Allahu anhu) reported that Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) said to Sayyiduna Ali, Bibi Fathima, Sayyiduna Hasan and Sayyiduna Husain (radi Allahu anhuma), “I am at war with those who fight with them, at peace with those who remain in peace with them”.

3. In another Hadith from Tirmizi Shareef: Sayyiduna Ya’la bin Murrah (radi Allahu anhu) reported that Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) said: “Husain is from me and I am from Husain. Allah loves him who loves Husain. Husain is a descendant out of my descendants”.

4. It is stated in Sunan Imam Ahmad: Sayyiduna Abu Zarr (radi Allahu anhu) reported while holding the door of the Kaaba, “I heard Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) say, ‘The parable of the People of my House among you is the parable of the Ark of Noah. Those who got on it were safe, and whoso remained behind were destroyed”.

5. It is stated in Sunan Baihaqi: Sayyiduna Ummul Fazl (radi Allahu anha), daughter of Harith, reported: I went to Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and said, “O Rasoolullah! I have seen a horrible dream tonight”. He asked, “And what is it?” She said, “I saw a piece of your flesh had been cut off and placed in my lap”. Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) said, “You had seen good. If Allah Wills, Fathima will give birth to a son who you will nurse”. Then, Sayyiduna Fathima (radi Allahu anha) gave birth to Sayyiduna Husain and he was under my nurse just as Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) had said. One day, I went to the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and placed the child on his lap. Thereafter, his look was fixed towards me and both his eyes were shedding tears. I said, “O Prophet of Allah! By my father and mother! What is the matter with you?” He said, “Jibrael came and informed me that my followers will soon kill this grandson of mine”. I asked, “Him?” He said, “Yes, He brought some earth to me out of his red earth”. (i.e. from the sands of Karbala)

Miraculous Happenings Before The Birth Of Beloved Muhammad (Salla Allahu ta’ala’alayhi wa sallam)

Syedah Aamena Radi Allahu anha stated that as soon as the labour pains of childbirth started, an angel came and ask her to drink from a cup in his hand. This drink was whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. As soon as she drank this heavenly drink her pain disappeared and all fear left her.

Syedah Aamena Radi Allahu anha then saw the gates of Heaven open. The Angels came for the adoration of the new babe. Three Angels went towards the Kaa’ba. One Angel stayed over the Kaa’ba, one went to the East and other went towards the West. A light then Spread out lighting up the Universe. In this miraculous light, Syedah Aamena Radi Allahu anha stated , She could see distinctly the palaces of Palestine and Syria.

Then Four unkown ladies appeared miraculously before Aamena Radi Allahu anha to attend to the childbirth.

The First, who was very tall, said, she was Eve Radi Allahu anha, the mother of mankind.

The Second was Sarah Radi Allahu anha, the mother of the Prophet Issac Alaih salaam, and the grandmother of Jacob Alaih salaam, whose children were the Israelites, to pave the way for the forgiveness of the Jews, if they followed this child Muhammad Salla Allahu ta’ala’alayhi wa sallam.

The Third was Princess Hagar of Egypt, the mother of Prophet Ishmael Alaih salaam. She came with Otto ( a sweet – smelling essence ) from Heaven, to express her love for this great grand-child from the descendants which fulfilled Allah’s ( Azawajal ) promise to her husband Prophet Abraham Alaih salaam, ” the world would be blessed through thy seed.”

The Fourth was Queen Asiya Radi Allahu anha, daughter of Mazahim. She was the wife of the Pharaoh of the time of Moses. She was that queen of Egypt who brought up Moses from a little child when he was found floating in the basket on the river Nile. She was the first person in the Pharaoh’s court who belived in Allah ( Azawajal ) upon seeing how small miraculous snake made by the staff of Moses ate up the bigger snakes of the Egyptian magicians. Whereupon the enraged Pharaoh tortured her severely, but in spite of this she refused to give up her faith.

In the hands of these four great nurses was Muhammad Salla allahu ta’ala’alayhi wa sallam born with his foreskin already circumcised miraculously, with his navel cord already separated miracculously pure and clean without any kind of  blood or filth on it. Read the rest of this entry »

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