The Murshid is obligated to follow the commands of Shari’ah with absolute respect and dedication. The role of the Murshid is to enlighten the path of those who are astray with righteousness and guidance. A “Murshid” who does not respect and follow the Shari’ah is himself in darkness and totally incapable of illuminating (rating someone else’s path or guiding them). Such people are disciples of Shaitaan and the enemies of Islam. Some Murshids go about sowing doubts in the minds of their followers. They teach that Salaah and Saum (Fasting) are outward forms of worship and should be left to the Ulama. They claim that they practice and worship with their hearts only. Such Mushids are astray and mislead their followers too. They feast in Ramadaan openly mocking the Shari’ah and Tariqah. Yet, ignorant Mureeds are convinced that these people will Read the rest of this entry »


�People of Purity�, also known as �Ahlus Safa�, are characterised as follows:-

1. SUFI: Sufi is that person who has overcome his self-ego as well as all human weaknesses, whilst at the same time being aware of the reality of all existence. Truth is the hallmark of his life. The term Sufi refers to an established and completely realised Wali Allah (Friend of Almighty Allah). In �Kashful Mahjoob� a Sheikh is quoted as saying �one who is emerged in the friendship of Almighty Allah and has freed himself from all other than Almighty Allah, is a Sufi�. (Kashful Mahjoob, pg.97)

Ghausul A�zam, Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilani (alaihir rahmah) explains that until a person has not reached the rank where he is graced by the vision of Nabi Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in his dream and is given commands and prohibitions, he cannot be regarded as a Sufi. If this fortunate incident does occur, then his heart gains promotion and his innermost being is cleansed and he attains the proximity of Almighty Allah while his hands are in the hands of Nabi Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). (Al Fath-ur-Rabbani, pg. 389)

2. MUTASAWWIF: One who is striving to attain the status of a Sufi through Mujahidah (Continuous struggle against evil desires). He follows the examples of the Sufis to better himself.

3. MUSTASWIF: One who impersonates a Sufi for monetary gain, power, and worldly honour. He does not have any of the qualities of the Sufi or Mustasawwif. (Kashful Mahjoob, pg. 98)


Tasawwuf is the concept, which embodies the purification of the heart by sincerely, and obediently practising the lifestyle of the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in all spheres of his life.

Hadrat Sheikh Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajweri (alaihir rahmah) (400-465 A.H.) narrates from Hadrat Murtaish (alaihir rahmah). �Tasawwuf is refined character. This refined character may be attained in three ways: Firstly, to obey the commandments of Almighty Allah and his Rasool (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) with utmost sincerity. Secondly, to respect all those senior to us in age, knowledge and piety; love the young; observe justice at all times and not to expect any return for our good actions. Thirdly, to avoid all evil desires and Satanic attractions. By complying to the aforementioned regulations one attains piety.� (Kashful Mahjoob, pg. 106)

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